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Courtney Richards just wants the perfect Christmas for her family and friends. What’s wrong with that? Every decoration needs to be just right, every cookie made from scratch, and every part in the church Christmas drama performed perfectly. But when she argues with her husband over the cost of perfection and then her two energetic boys wreak havoc in her perfectly-ordered house, a long winter’s nap seems to be in order. When she wakes, she isn’t sure if she dreamed or if her imagination went into overdrive. Could it be that her desperate attempts at perfection aren’t what make her acceptable to God after all?

Sprinkled with humor and truth, The Christmas Catastrophe is a quick read that will warm your heart and spirit this holiday season.


His past is a mystery to everyone…except for the men trying to kill him.

When a snowmobile accident leaves a man injured and with no
memory, Amish widow Sarah Burkholder and her young daughter
rescue him. Even as Sarah’s feelings for him grow, they discover
unknown assailants are after him—and Sarah and her little girl
for helping him. But if he can remember who he is, he might
just save all their lives.

"With likeable but real characters, 'Amish Country Amnesia' is a fast moving story. You’ll want to know how it ends, but at the same time you will wish you could keep the characters with you." ~ Amazon review

"This story is well written, action packed, and full of suspense. I liked the way she wove her faith throughout the story. I know you are going to enjoy this one." ~ Amazon review of Deadly Disclosure


Getting shot at on her way to work is only the first shock of
law student Hannah McClarnon’s day. The second is when FBI agent
Derek Chambers—her first love—reveals the truth about Hannah’s
family. Though Hannah was raised by a wealthy Indianapolis couple,
her birth father was with the Chicago mafia. And now, convinced she
has information against them, they’re hunting her down. Derek’s first
big assignment is to protect Hannah, and it’s becoming more personal
every minute. He’s never revealed why he left long ago, and he still
believes Hannah deserves someone better. But with the enemy in
relentless pursuit, he’ll risk his life to be the man she needs—
and loves—again.


Criminals are trying to kidnap attorney Samantha Callahan’s adopted
daughter, Lily—and she has no idea why. So when bullets start flying,
Samantha and Lily speed off in her car…and crash right into help.
Ex-cop Reid Palmer is shocked when former law school classmate
Samantha rear-ends his car and then climbs in with her daughter and
begs him to drive. Now they are on the run, and Reid will do anything
to protect them and figure out why kidnappers are after Lily.
As they struggle to evade capture, Reid begins to realize that
Samantha is more to him than just a woman in trouble. But
with the enemies closing in and their motives finally revealed,
will Reid be able to make sure justice is served?

4-star review from Romantic Times Book Reviews:
"This is a solid debut from Carver.... The characters remind the reader that no one has a flawless past, but there are always second chances with God." ~ Leslie McKee

Publisher's Weekly Bestseller

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