Monday, January 7, 2019

A Focus for 2019

Happy First Monday of 2019!

We’re back to homeschool at our house after an extended holiday break. So, it’ll be a bit of a struggle today to get back into the routine, but I’m looking forward to having a schedule again.

This time of year, everyone talks about goals. I do like having goals, but I tend to think of my life as having focus, and goals are what help me know I’m maintaining my focus.

As this point in my life, I have two main focuses.

Homeschooling ~

I’ll have five children to homeschool this spring. The oldest, our first homeschool high school graduate, will be taking some classes this spring at the community college. She’s applied to several universities, so we’re waiting to hear on those applications later this spring. Then, I’m guessing there will be a difficult decision to make. 😊

We have a couple of activities starting up again this week and a homeschool convention coming in March as well as trips planned. My oldest also has a part-time job now with the goal of saving for college or a first car when needed. We’re putting up a couple new bookshelves which means rearranging our current library, and I have a couple of blank walls that I’d like to do something with. {Maps and word art, anyone? 😊} All of these need to function within and enhance my focus on family relationship and faith building as well as an environment where learning is valued, continuous, and fun.  

Writing ~

I am blessed that the Lord has resurrected this goal from my school years and allowed me to pursue it! Within His will, I plan to ~

Write more books. I have another Amish Love Inspired Suspense releasing in July, and I’d like to do a ton of giveaways starting {hopefully} in May when I receive my author copies. {Be on the lookout!} But I’m hoping for more LIS opportunities! If you sign up for my author newsletter, you’ll be the first to see the cover when it's ready and the first in line for giveaways. 😊

Explore independent publishing. Hmm, Amish cozy mysteries, anyone? 😊

Blog about topics that relate to my books. About once a month {minimum!}, I want to post about fun or interesting things I’ve learned from research for my books, whether it be Amish-related or cool suspense things.

There are a bunch of little things in life {aren’t there always?}, but for now, for this start of 2019, everything needs to line up within these two focuses.

Happy New Year!

Do you have goals, focuses, or a word for 2019?

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1 comment:

  1. Meghan,
    I do have goals that I post every January 1st on my blog as the Lord allows. My word for 2019 is "rest". I use Homemaker's Friend Planner and each year there is a theme. This year's theme is rest. I tend to get stressed out over easily so, I'm learning to rest in the Lord. It's not easy when you have a husband with health issues, financial problems, etc.
    Anyway, you have some great goals for this year.


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