Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Our Family’s Favorite Board Games

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When it’s rainy or ridiculously hot and muggy outside, we like to pull out a game.

Well, truth be told, there’s usually a game going on somewhere, almost all of the time.

Sometimes, a couple of the children will play, and sometimes it’s all of us.

It’s only early July, but it feels, where I live, like the dog-days of late August already. That kind of heat and humidity gives me a headache and an upset stomach, so it’s time for some of our family’s favorite games. 

The 18yo –
Settlers of Catan

"I love this game because it's different every time and so deliciously complicated." The 18yo is too humble to say so, but she wins more than any other person in the family. So much so, in fact, that she keeps a log of the date of the game, the points each player scored, the winner, whether and which expansions were played, and a short note about how the game was played (how close it was, something unique to that game, etc.).

The 16yo –

"I like trying to solve the mystery, even though I don't always succeed. I especially like the story that goes along with it. Sometimes, we make up stories about our characters as we play."

The 14yo –
Memoir 44

"This is a complicated World War II game with a thick instruction manual. Units of the Axis and Allied powers move around the board, hiding in the woods or crossing rivers, trying to take over towns or eliminate enemy units with the end goal of collecting a certain amount of medals to win the game. I like it because it requires a lot of strategy."

The 12yo – 

"In your turns through the game, you adopt princesses. When all the princesses have been adopted, then whoever has the most money and the most princesses wins. I love this game because it's so girly. One of the princesses has a dress that's glittery gold and some have jewels on them. Usually, I have to barter with my little brothers -- I'll play legos with them if they play Princess-opoly."

The 9yo –
The 9yo's favorite game was also Catan. 😊 His second favorite game is Monopoly.
"Monopoly is kind of like Catan except you have to pay for everything. My favorite part is buying Boardwalk and Park Place and then making a ton of money on them."

The 7yo –

"I like popping the dice. And I like putting the game pieces on my fingers to look like long claws."

Honestly, I had to prod them from all saying the same game as the favorite. There isn't usually much contention because they all know that if they play Catan tonight, they'll probably play Clue the next time. 

What's your favorite game?

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