Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Eight Things that Add Sparkle to Winter

I love this time of year, and I’m not going to apologize for it. J My family’s favorite months are December, January, and February.

But I know it’s a tough time for a lot of people who thrive on warmth and sunshine. My Facebook newsfeed is filled with friends who are longing for spring.

Part of the reason we enjoy winter is that there are certain things we do to add a little extra sparkle in these months.

Twinkle lights. We aren’t people who take down Christmas decorations on December 26 or even January 2. We leave them up until mid- or sometimes late-January. Even then, we leave white twinkle lights and greenery about. I’m increasingly sensitive to odor, which means we’ve stopped burning candles. But the twinkle lights add warmth and a festive feel with only a flip of the switch.

LED candle. I still like some kind of a centerpiece on the table, and it’s traditionally been a candle. But with the odor from candles now giving me headaches, I’ve purchased my first flameless candle. It’s not something I would want all over the house, but I like it on the table in my candle wreath. It gives a warm flicker without the mess and odor of a candle.

Pizza and a movie on a long winter’s night. It’s family time, even in front of the screen, because we talk more than we watch. J

Planning a vacation. A lot is still up in the air, but we’re planning a trip for later this year. I love this brainstorming stage, researching and listing all the possibilities of what to do in our intended destination. Gradually, an itinerary is coming together. Half the fun of travel is the anticipation.

Winter clearance sales. I don’t understand why stores mark down coats and sweaters and boots as soon as Christmas is over. In my part of the world, that’s about when the winter weather really begins. But I’m not going to complain! Instead, I think ahead to next year’s sizes and needs and look for the biggest discounts I can find.

Plotting a new book. I’m starting a new story, and I love this brainstorming stage. It’s not that different from reading, except that when I escape into a story I’m writing, I get to decide who the characters are and what they do.

Memorizing Scripture. Through these winter months, the children are still memorizing Scripture, and we’re planning a couple of get-togethers with another family from the Bible Bee to play Scripture memory games and, of course, eat.

A new mug. Whether it’s coffee, hot cocoa, or tea, it’s fun to have a new mug, especially one that recognizes my truth. Cold hands, warm heart

What adds sparkle to your winter months?

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  1. I prefer the fall though I look forward to spring. I hope we get one more snow before spring arrives however that probably won't happen. Our temps are already in the upper 60s and low 70s.
    That mug of yours is cute! I'm afraid we won't be buying anymore mugs. We have so many mugs we could open a mug store! Now teacups that's a different story. One can't have too many teacups and saucers! Have a great week Meghan!

    1. Teacups are beautiful, Regina! Sometimes I wish I drank tea more just so I could use the delicate teacups. :-)

  2. Give me Spring!! I am a very cold natured person.

    Cute mug!

    Planning a trip is exciting I am sure.

    Charlotte Moore

    1. We love to travel, so even just an overnight somewhere is exciting. Many blessings to you, Charlotte!

  3. I can resonate with so much of this. :) We have more mugs than we probably need, and yet, nothing compares to heating water up for tea and asking, "Do you want the Annie mug, or the Kate mug, or the fox mug?"..because they all came from specific people and hold specific and dear memories. (I am most definitely not a minimalist)

    I am a lot like you, Meghan, in the sense that scents bother me. I bought a candle recently made with essential oils. EOs work better for me in other applications, though I have yet to try the candle. I hope it works!

    This time of year is perfect for starting and growing new ideas--they're like little seeds that will grow and mature in due course. The blessing of new beginnings! :)


    1. I love the way you use words, Krista. So true -- the blessing of new beginnings! So glad to see you here! :-)

  4. Our house is in Minnesota, but we have been in California for the past 7 months for my husbands work. So we have missed the snow this year 🙁. Planning a trip is so exciting! Getting to travel and see Gods beautiful creations!

    1. Boo on missing the snow, Courtney. :-( But California is gorgeous! :-) And yay for seeing more of creation! God's imagination is incredible, and we love seeing how different so much of our world is.


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