Tuesday, November 14, 2017

What We’re Reading ~ November 2017

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Christmas is coming, and books make excellent gifts! Perhaps you’ll pick up some ideas from our family's current reading list.

My husband ~

My husband is both a computer science professor and a concerned parent, so when this book became available at the library, we were the first in line to borrow it. Foer examines four humongous corporations – Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple (GAFA) – and their effect on not only our shopping and searching for information but also the very essence of our identities. He has been completely engrossed, and I’m next in line for the book when he’s done.

Me ~


Undercover Amish (Amish Protectors), Debby Giusti

Another excellent story that combines the simplicity and innocence of the Amish with page-turning suspense. I just finished it, and I’m beginning my next….

My 16yo is a HUGE Melanie Dickerson fan, so I’m on to another one of hers, based upon the five-star recommendation of my daughter. I love the regency period anyway, and this is just the sort of book I would have devoured when I was a teenager.

The 17yo girl ~

The Silent Songbird, Melanie Dickerson

My 16yo received an autographed copy {with her name inscribed!} from Melanie, so, quite frankly, I’m astonished that she let it out of her possession to let her big sister read it. The 17yo can’t provide much of a review yet, though. The National Bible Bee is coming very soon, and so it’s been nearly round-the-clock study and memorization. When it’s over, then it’s sleep and reading.

The 16yo girl ~

The classics tend to have more description than current books. Somehow, perhaps because of the internet and that you can find out what something looks like with a few clicks, description is out-of-style in current writing. So, I love that my girl loves the descriptions and the large cast of characters found in the classics. Someday, she'll read it in its original French.

The 13yo boy ~

This is a Christian adventure book about William Wallace and Robert the Bruce and Scotland’s struggle for freedom. I love the strong Christian element, and the boy loves the adventure entwined with actual historical events.

The 11yo girl ~

The Chronicles of Narnia Boxed Set, C.S. Lewis

She’s in the middle of The Horse and His Boy, and just like the Carvers before her, the series is her new favorite. Her exclamations make me want to read them all over again!

The 8yo boy ~

The 8yo is reading various animal and history books from the library. We’ll find the section of animals he’s interested in {right now it’s crocodiles and snakes} and the section of history he wants to read about {currently knights and castles}, and I’ll let him loose to choose what he wants.

The 6yo boy ~

His new favorite is collections of Peanuts comics by Charles Shultz. Sometimes we read aloud. Sometimes he just studies the pictures.

Hope you got some good ideas! Happy reading!

What are you reading right now?

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  1. Im still reading Created to Be His Helpmeet by Debi Pearl.


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