Tuesday, October 3, 2017

My Top Ten Necessary Homeschool Supplies (They may not be what you think.)

As a child, I think I must have driven my parents crazy with my love of school supplies. I loved going up and down the back-to-school aisles, fingering the pretty binders and notebooks, opening and closing the pencil cases.

Mid-year, I always wanted to change everything, meticulously moving my papers from one not-pretty-enough-anymore binder to a newer, shinier, prettier binder.


I still love school supplies, although now the socially-acceptable adult mom thing is a pretty journal with colored pencils or pens. That’s good enough for me. J

On the teacher side of the homeschool couch/table, the supplies needed are a little different. Technology has also changed significantly since I was the student. Of course, we still have writing utensils and paper and binders. But now, from the teacher/parent side, in no particular order, are my top ten necessary homeschool supplies.

The Bible. The holy word of God guides, inspires, and comforts. It corrects me when my attitude needs adjusted, and instructs me on my teacher-student relationship. It’s the ultimate teacher’s manual.

Excel. For keeping attendance records, material lists, lesson plans, and grades.

Scanner. I would be drowning in paper if not for my scanner. In fact, I completely wore out my first, and now I’m on to my second. I can’t stand to throw away stacks of papers my children did. They worked hard, and it doesn’t seem right to throw them into the trash can. With my new scanner, I can scan a 300-page workbook in about forty minutes. This way, I also have a record of all of my child’s work, in case I need to refer back to it or the state comes to check.

Evernote/Google Drive. To keep in the cloud a backup of everything.

Coffee in a pretty and inspiring mug. Need I say more? 

Rolling cooler. Now that my Bigs are, well, Bigs, we’re on the go a lot more. Dual enrollment classes at the community college, PE with a co-op, field trips. That rolling cooler has saved us money as well as provided healthy lunches and snacks.

Social media. I know, what??? But some of the memes that go around from homeschooling pages on FB make my day. And discussion groups? A gift from heaven! Just yesterday, I asked about homeschoolers going to medical school. That afternoon, I had three long, comprehensive answers with excellent suggestions from homeschool parents who have been there, done that. Two more arrived this morning.

A good laptop. As I sit at the co-op PE or the community college and wait, I update school logs, look up lesson plans, check the library online catalog, work on blog posts, or get a little book-writing done. 

A comfortable sofa. For the past couple of years, we’ve been sitting on a 20+ year old futon in our upstairs library. For lots of reasons, I don’t enjoy the actual purchase of furniture. But just recently, we moved our old sectional from the downstairs living room up to the library where we do most of our school. It’s rather worn as well, but so much more comfortable for the hind parts.

Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) and Indiana Association of Home Educators (IAHE). Online resources, helpful people, conventions, community. That about says it all.

What are your favorite school supplies?

P.S. My blog will be undergoing a change sometime soon -- new name (just my name) and new look (hopefully more streamlined and simple). It'll still be me, though. Hope you like it!

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  1. Excellent blog post Meghan. From another homeschool mom.

  2. I love your coffee cup! Mine are HSLDA, will be joining Arizona Families for Home Education, homeschool curriculum catalogs like Rod and Staff and Christian Life Publications and a lovely tea cup for my daily tea!

    1. Yes, Regina, I forgot the homeschool catalogs! We're pretty settled on our curriculum now, so I don't pore through them like I used to, but they can still consume much of my time. So many terrific options and ideas in there! :-)


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