Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Deadly Disclosure is here…and the inspiration behind it

My second book is available today!

What is it about? I’m glad you asked!


Getting shot at on her way to work is only the first shock of law student Hannah McClarnon’s day. The second is when FBI agent Derek Chambers—her first love—reveals the truth about Hannah’s family. Though Hannah was raised by a wealthy Indianapolis couple, her birth father was with the Chicago mafia. And now, convinced she has information against them, they’re hunting her down. Derek’s first big assignment is to protect Hannah, and it’s becoming more personal every minute. He’s never revealed why he left long ago, and he still believes Hannah deserves someone better. But with the enemy in relentless pursuit, he’ll risk his life to be the man she needs—and loves—again.

You've read in the back cover description that the heroine is adopted. This story is near and dear to me for one big reason: I'm adopted. I got the idea for the story when I was gathering my family's birth certificates to apply for passports. When I have anything written in my hands, I read it word for word. You can blame my love of reading as well as a legal education for that. 😊 That day, I thoroughly read each birth certificate, and I quickly noticed that there was a huge discrepancy between my date of birth and the date of issue of the birth certificate. I have always known I was adopted, so this didn't surprise me like it surprises Hannah McClarnon. That difference is the time it took for my adoption to be finalized and a new birth certificate with the names of my adoptive parents to be issued. As I examined my birth certificate, an idea began to form. What if someone discovered as an adult that she was adopted? What if there was danger in her birth family that found her even before she discovered she was adopted? From there, my imagination took off. Let me reassure you, then, that the similarities between me and Hannah are few. We are both adopted, and we both went to law school. The end. 😊

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Thank you for joining me here. I appreciate you and your support of my writing. You are what makes the writing worthwhile!

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