Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Great Purge Continues to My Purse ~ What I’m Keeping and What I’m Discarding

I have a love-hate relationship with purses. Sometimes I love the cute designs, the colors, the organizing pockets both inside and out, the ability to have what I need/want with me. Sometimes I wish I could just stick a wallet in my pocket and not worry about anything else like my husband.

For the time being, though, I know I can’t go without. Some women carry a cell phone in their back pocket and that’s it. But, not only do I generally not have back pockets, but I wouldn’t want an electronic device riding on my bum all day either. I need a bit more available than just my phone.

I can, however, declutter. Now that I’m without a diaper bag, it’s been an interesting endeavor to examine what I carry and why. As it’s been going with our family with our household decluttering, my purse will probably continue to downsize in waves.

For now, I’ve reduced the items I carry to these essentials ~

Phone. I know, duh. J

Kindle Paperwhite. Hundreds of books on my person. I know, another duh. J

A pocket pack of tissues. Tears, blood, boogers….

Personal items. Comb, compact, chapstick, two bandaids, a spare ponytail holder.

Two pens. Sometimes, it’s just easier to have my own. Plus, my baggallini has two terrific pen holders, and it wouldn’t seem right to leave them empty.

A few business cards and bookmarks. Because you just never know when you might need them.

Various cards, including debit, credit, insurance, etc. I’m just not to the point of being comfortable with all of that in my phone. Maybe someday, but for now, my baggallini has plenty of slots to keep them organized.

Small bottle of hand sanitizer. I’m not sure if this will make it through the next wave of downsizing, but for now, I like having it available.


This is what I’ve eliminated ~

Wipes. I still feel the need to have wipes handy when we’re out, especially since my 6yo seems to need to use all ten fingers and his palms to eat tortilla chips and paper napkins only tear at the grease and salt that has become stuck on his skin as a result of eating said tortilla chips. But I don’t generally need wipes for shopping for groceries or a stop by the bank. So, wipes will stay in the van, remaining accessible for eating out.

Small paper notebook. I may regret this someday, like when the phone dies, but right now I keep all my notes on my phone.

Checkbook. I barely write paper checks anymore, and I’m trying out a checkbook register app on the phone. We’ll see how it goes.

Menards merchandise credit checks. I cannot tell you how long I’ve had these in my purse. Seriously? These are only needed when my husband goes to that store.

Lint. J

As I downsize, then I need to buy smaller purses to replace my bigger purses. See that love/hate thing? I love purses…until next time. J

Care to share what you carry in your purse?

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  1. Oh my Purse! Currently is a mess with grocery store receipts, Monopoly tickets,and other junk. I think I be cleaning out my purse.

    1. Oh, the receipts! Yes, I purge those on a regular basis or I find myself carrying around a bag full of old paper. Isn't that how clutter creeps up on us? Most of it we need for a short time, but then we don't get rid of it when we ought. I wrote the post to force myself to get the thing cleaned out! :-)

  2. I just got a new purse with a bunch of nifty pockets... so: phone, wallet, keys, badge for work, a notebook, a calendar, a mini umbrella, two tubes of chapstick, a small tube of lotion, pain reliever, toothache medicine, sunglasses, and a few mints. Now, what's in my wallet..... sigh..... a bunch of stuff that probably needs to come out lol. Oh, I also have an empty mini mint tin that is perfect for holding a couple of safety pins, a pony tail holder, a paper clip, and two or three bobby pins. And a PURPLE pen!!!! We recently attended a ladies' meeting at a church in our fellowship and we played a game where items were worth a certain number of points if you had them in your purse... and of all things PURPLE pen was worth 10 points and I was the only one with a purple pen... I thought that was rather funny.

    1. How fun to have the purple pen! See? Now I need my bigger purse again.... :-)

  3. Meghan, my dear mother would have benefited from this post! She always carried a very large handbag and she had the habit, when shopping, of just dropping change straight into it. One day I picked up her purse and was astonished by the weight of it, so I suggested we clean out her purse. When we counted all the change (coins) she'd been hauling around, it was a whopping $87! Wish we'd had a scale so I could have weighed it!


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