Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Eight Reasons I Want My Children to Be Best Friends

It's a difficult world in which to raise a family, isn't it? Especially a family that likes to be together.

I'm not sure how we got to this point, but a lot of people seem to value friends outside the family for their children rather than encouraging siblings to be friends. They are quick to get friends together and believe that siblings who are best friends are socially backward, as if they are incapable of making friends with anyone else.

Of course, friends are important, but why does it seem to be at the expense of a close family? This grieves me.

If we read the Bible, starting at the very beginning, we read that the first group of people the Lord God ever created was a family. Doesn’t this mean that family might be important to him? J

We can't assume that siblings will be best friends just by virtue of living in the same house. With so much pulling on our children these days, including churches that separate everybody into age-appropriate groups rather than keep them together as families, we only do ourselves a disservice with that assumption. Friendship among siblings needs to be nurtured, and here are eight reasons why I've made that effort.

A harmonious family home. Even with outside activities, families still have to spend time at home together. If the children are friends, those times can be sweet and uplifting.

Holidays...for the rest of their lives. If you have not experienced a holiday get-together with family that was fraught with tension because relationships weren't what they could have been, then you are blessed. Wouldn't it be more fun, more encouraging, more uplifting to get together with family over Christmas if everyone loved being together?

Vacations. I would loathe having children who didn't want to be on vacation together but kept emailing or texting or Facebooking with friends back home. Vacations are for family-together-time, experiencing the adventure of new things or relaxation and rejuvenation with people you love, and making memories to last a lifetime.

Grandmas and grandpas together some day. Many, many years ago, when the now-13yo boy was just a little guy in a stroller, we went to the airport to see the planes come and go and eat in the food court. {Big doings! J } A pilot waiting for his next flight noticed us and starting talking to the children. He had three children, and he said he encouraged them to be best friends because some day they would be grandmas and grandpas together. Unless a sibling severs ties, brothers and sisters are going to grow old together. I'm working now so that they have the benefit of a life-long nurturing friendship. This goes along with the next point…

Friends move away and don't always stay in touch or make the effort to travel to get together. Siblings do. There's still power in that word – FAMILY.

When others reject them, they have each other.

If trouble arises between sibling~friends {and it will}, a parent is there to sort it out. Friendships end all the time because of misunderstandings or hurts that don't get resolved, but living in the same house, perhaps even sharing the same bedroom, is a great encouragement to conflict resolution.

If siblings are friends, they get along better with mom and dad as well, and that's a win for everyone.

How do you nurture your children to be friends?

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