Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What’s Working Right Now in Our Homeschool

Some days work better than others, right?

I’m quickly realizing the value in reviewing our days to see what works and what doesn’t. Well, I’ve actually been doing that subconsciously nearly my entire adult life. That’s how you make things better, make better choices, improve life. Right?

Let me back up a bit and start over.

I’ve always been a list-maker, but it seems that the blogosphere has exploded these last few years with list-makers promoting all sorts of detailed written reviews in pretty journals. This has made me think that there’s some benefit from deliberately thinking through what works and what doesn’t work and making an actual list. I’m posting it here with the hope that what we do might inspire or encourage you. And if you have any insights, please share!

Dual enrollment. I posted on this a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t mention that it also is benefiting our younger grades. We all go to the college, and the Littles and I find a common/study area for school and writing-work. This is turning out to be quite productive for us since all distractions from home are eliminated ~ very few toys available, no DVDs, no constant asking for a snack.

Bubble gum. This isn’t a discussion about what type of gum is better for dental health. J It’s simply a comment that sometimes it is helpful to have something occupying a mouth other than constant chatter. 

Fun pens. My birth mother and her husband sent each of the children a unique set of pens for their birthdays. When the pen is fun to use, you want to use it more…more writing, more drawing. And it doubles as a toy.

Yogurt for lunch. Our family of eight eats lunch together at the college two days each week. That means lunches have to be fast and easy to prepare in the darkness of the late night before or the early morning of our day. Yogurts come in a variety of flavors to please everyone, are easy to pull from the refrigerator and throw in the cooler, and are good for us. (L. acidophilus and calcium! Just be sure to avoid the ones full of high fructose corn syrup.)

Boxed curriculum. I’ve blogged before about how I would love to create my own curriculum but didn’t think I had the time. I admire those mothers who cobble together bits and pieces and have fun doing it. In this super-busy season of life and especially now that we’re on the go more with six different grades in tow, I am beyond grateful that we have a curriculum that meets our needs and lesson plans are done for me. We still piece in whatever we’re interested in, but I don’t worry about having the basics covered.

What’s working in your homeschool ~ or life ~ right now?

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  1. It is very difficult to maintain the balanced life with work and studies. Beautiful colorful pen. Healthy lunch...

  2. What boxed curriculum do you use?


    1. Jackie, we use Abeka and love how thorough it is and also how the Bible is integrated into every single subject.


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