Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Taking Sermon Notes on my Kindle and Four Other Things I Learned in February

I love learning, and I love adding value to my life and to the life of my family. I bet you do, too. With that in mind, I try to be mindful of what works and what doesn’t, learning through life and adjusting as I go. Some months look better than others, but as long as there is an effort and some forward progress, it’s a win.

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

If I’m going to do a “What I Learned” post, I need to be mindful of it throughout the month. J Now, it’s the last day of February, and I’m starting from scratch, wracking my brain to remember what I learned. Does that mean I didn’t learn it well enough? J

I don’t run the whole gamut of emojis {some can get a little crazy and far-fetched}, but I do like a smiley face now and then. I’ve wondered if my tone here needs to be more serious. I’m a suspense writer. Should I eliminate the smiley faces and opt for a lightning bolt or an emoji that looks like one of those serious Lego guys? 

Nah. Everybody could use more smiles in their day, even if it’s just an emoji. J

My kindle wins over a print book nearly every time. I admit it. I read so much more on my kindle. Remember my debate a while back about print books versus e-books? I don’t dislike print books at all, and I still have plenty on my shelf. But when I’m ready for a new book, I find myself wanting it on my kindle. A tap turns the page, I can highlight easily and then see all my notes in one place, and I have hundreds of books with me all the time.

Just this month, I’ve started taking sermon notes on my kindle. Our family rule is no electronic devices in church. {I’m the only one with a phone, and I leave it in my purse on silent so that’s not an issue. But we wanted the rule in place before the teens had all the latest gadgets.} But like I said above, I’ve been reading more and more on my kindle. Plus, with getting six children to and from church and all their stuff, I didn’t want to lug in my Bible, notebook, pen, etc. Then the 6yo wants to color in my notebook during church, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. With my kindle, notes are simple, and I have my Bible with me all the time already. I simply highlight the passage for the sermon and then tap “Note” when it comes up. The keyboard appears, and I enter my text throughout the sermon. I tap Save, and there appears a subscript which I can tap again and see my note. Then, also, I can see all my notes in one document, if I so choose.

My 13yo son is much more capable in the kitchen than I realized. See? He can cut up vegetables! 

I have encouraged him, but I think most of what he knows he learned from watching his older sisters. Woot! J {There’s another emoji!} 

What have you learned this month?

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