Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sometimes, selling stuff online is a bit like water torture.

If you've been reading this blog for long, you {hopefully} remember The Great Purge of 2015.

Well, that Great Purge continues into 2017. It's lost a lot of its initial intensity since we’ve cleared out so much, but I find myself in the second and third wave of discarding, tweaking our earlier choices. This includes trying to sell furniture and smaller items that we've finally decided need to go. Also, my mom is moving to a retirement community, and she’s been downsizing. I don’t need her furniture AND mine, so some has to go, and I know she’d appreciate the little bit of extra cash.

Remember in that series I wrote about selling your stuff and pocketing the cash? Sometimes, that feels a bit like water torture.

Here's a recent exchange I had with someone about a king-size quilt set I had listed for $15 ~
{Edited to protect the innocent but all grammar and punctuation remain the same. J}

Prospective Buyer: I would love to buy this quilt from you...where do you normally meet. I'm in [city]...gem and 100
Me: Usually we meet in the Walmart gas station parking lot in [City], but we can meet elsewhere if that's easier.
Prospective Buyer: No that is fine...are you available tomorrow evening?
Prospective Buyer {a few seconds later}: My son lives in [name of subdivision] ..if around there is closer for you?
Me: We're not far from [name of subdivision]. Where would you like to meet? Tomorrow evening is fine. Do you have a time preference?
Prospective Buyer: I'm just gonna have my son or daughter in law pick them up...could I get back to you later after I talk to them? 🙂
Me: That's fine.

The quilt in question.

Or, sometimes, exchanges go like this ~

Prospective Buyer, in response to a particular item I posted: is this still available
Me: Yes, it is.

Looks like a nice desk, don't you think?

Can you feel the drip…drip…drip?

I understand that, sometimes, people have second thoughts or they message before they ought. But if I had five dollars for every minute spent messaging with prospective buyers…well, I wouldn’t feel the need to sell my furniture.

Sometimes, I wonder if this is a result of my prayer for more patience.

Or sometimes, I wonder if I don’t pray enough for patience.

And yet other times, I contemplate loading the van and driving to the thrift store donation center.

“…Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer….” ~ Romans 12:12

Hope for sales ~ patient with messaging ~ continuing to pray for successful decluttering. J

Have you tried to sell your stuff? How did it go? Do you have any tips to share?

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  1. My husband just wants to take it all to the Salvation Army. HA!!

    Charlotte Moore

    1. I'm this close... {See me pinching my fingers together?} :-)

  2. This. This is why I'm not looking forward to selling off all our homeschool curriculum this summer.

    1. I've not tried to sell homeschool curriculum, so maybe it'll be fast and easy?! :-)


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