Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What We're Reading...As We Head Back to Homeschool

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We’ve had an extended Christmas break, and so just last week, we returned to homeschool and dual-enrollment college classes for all three teenagers. Reading, at this point, includes a bunch of textbooks and other school-related materials. But it also involves some for pleasure as well, just not as much. J

Do you or your family members need something new to read for these long winter days? Perhaps you’ll find some inspiration in our list.

Me ~

Publishing is so full of romance between 20-somethings that this book is unique simply because the main character is a 53yo married father. But what if you could go back and talk to your younger self? Would it change your future...or what we call the present right now? This book had me so engrossed that I neglected to get this blog post up last night. I just wanted to keep reading. 

The 17yo ~

My 17yo usually reads anywhere from three to seven books at a time. For the purposes of this post, I asked her just to give me two.

The 17yo had read a novella of Debby’s and liked it, so she decided to try another.

This missionary book is making the rounds at church. The author was a missionary to war-torn Somalia and then traveled to over 60 countries listening to the stories of believers about how their faith has survived.

The 15yo ~


The 15yo has discovered the wonderfulness that is R.M. Ballantyne and his Christian tales of adventure based on real-life events in history. Despite starting back to school, she's powered through three in the past two weeks. 

The 13yo ~

The 13yo received a kindle for Christmas, and since then, he has been reading up a storm! Right now, he’s in the midst of a series set in Australia, a series his sisters read and loved and recommended to him. It’s good for both girls and boys.

The 11yo ~

I don't normally allow much fantasy, especially when it isn’t Christian-based. But the 13yo, a few years ago, started reading Geronimo Stilton books, a series that is supposed to be written by a mouse named Geronimo. They are cute books with terrific pictures and interesting fonts. So when we found the series called The Kingdom of Fantasy, I only hesitated briefly. The books are still interesting and colorful, terrific for showing a child how fun reading can be, and they’ve also allowed for many necessary conversations about reality versus fantasy and good versus evil.

The 8yo ~

The 8yo’s reading skill has really improved this past school year, and he’s now starting the Left Behind Kids series. Exciting and adventuresome but with a good dose of faith!

The 6yo ~

We’re working through phonics, and he’s doing well. When I asked him what his favorite read-aloud book was right now, he said the Geronimo Stilton book the 11yo is reading. She’s reading aloud to her little brothers, which makes for good practice for her as well. Double win! J

What are you reading right now?

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