Monday, December 19, 2016

Eleven Ways to Have a Merrier Christmas

Greet your loved ones with a hug and a "Merry Christmas" first thing in the morning.

Simplify your meal. Whatever you enjoy making, then go ahead and make it. But can some things be made more easily or {gasp} store-bought? I've had pretty good pies and rolls from the grocery store.

Give the gift of your encouragement and time rather than so many material gifts. Rather than be overwhelmed with stuff, speak life and graciousness into the lives of those you spend the day with.

Count your blessings, name them one by one.

Kiss your sweetheart under the mistletoe.

Give an extra amount to a needy organization.

As you are out shopping, ask the Lord to show you a family to whom you can give a twenty-dollar bill. A few years ago, when we still had a baby in a car seat, a woman approached me at the Sam’s Club snack bar and pressed a twenty-dollar bill into my hand. She said, “The Lord wanted me to bless someone with this today. Buy your children some pizza.” I was astounded and thanked her profusely. Then, we sat down with the children and relaxed in the middle of the busy season.

Eat cookies, even if they are store-bought. J

Wear your favorite outfit, hair accessory, boots, or scarf.

Meditate on Luke 2:1-20. Better yet, memorize it, even if you can only manage a few verses.

Fix your hot beverage of choice in your prettiest mug and sit by the tree to contemplate the lights and decorations. What does the Light of the World want to whisper to your heart? Is He speaking to you this Christmas Day?

What suggestions can you add to have a merrier Christmas?

I know I wrote above to give the gift of encouragement, but when you do give material presents, 
a Lilla Rose hair accessory can make a great gift!

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