Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Brainstorming Christmas Ideas for My Children

A couple years ago, I posted a cute little graphic I had found on Pinterest and wrote about how my husband and I had streamlined our gift-giving for our children.

For a few years now, we have given each child only four gifts ~ something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read.

{We’re seriously thinking of reducing even that, considering minimalism and the fact that we have six children and how we want to increase generosity and gratitude. But that’s for another blog post.}

Well, the Christmas season is in full swing, and I’ve done a bit of shopping. But I could use some help with ideas, as I’m sure you could.

I’ve listed below some suggestions for each category. Why don’t you list your suggestions in the comments, and we’ll help each other out? The possibilities are limited only by your children’s interests, your desire to shop, and your budget. J

Something they want ~
{It’s difficult to list here because it depends so much on the individual child, but this is where we usually give a toy.}
A puppy.
Gel pens.
A bicycle.
Building blocks.
That giant stuffed teddy bear for sale at Sam’s Club and Costco. J

Something they need ~
Cute stationary for thank-you’s or writing to friends.
My Little Pony undies.
Snow boots.
Snazzy pencils for their schoolwork.
A princess toothbrush.
A new notebook with a super hero or a cute puppy on the cover.
An organizer for all the gel pens and snazzy pencils.
A flannel sheet set with a design of skiing penguins.
A pocket knife.
Luggage for travel.

Something to wear ~
A purse or bag.
Fashion boots.
A sparkly wristwatch.
Lilla Rose hair accessory ~ a flexi clip or a set of bobbies.
A letterman’s jacket.
A scarf.
A backpack.
A robe.
An apron with ruffles.
A sweater with horses on it.

Something to read ~
A coloring book with a story.
A Bible.
A dictionary.
The latest book from their favorite author.
A title from the backlist of their favorite author.
A magazine subscription.
A cookbook.
A kindle.
A concordance or set of Bible commentaries.
A library card.
A blank notebook and a good set of pens {to write their own stories}.
A devotional.
Smash book or scrapbook.

As you can see, the categories can carry over into each other.

What are your suggestions?

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  1. I am planning to do this with my boys (they are 2 years and 2 weeks old, respectively) when they are old enough to understand it. We do a simple Christmas now but don't categorize what they get.

    I suggested the 4-gift rule to a co-worker when she was lamenting how hard it had gotten to shop for her high school/college age children, and she has never looked back! She has gotten creative with some categories as her children have outgrown more obvious gifts. You're totally correct about the WANT being person-specific, but here are some things she's done for other categories:

    NEED: efficient cooking tools for her budding chef, specialty coffee for her caffeine-dependent college student, children's version of any household item that a child is obsessed with but is too young to safely use (power tools, vacuum, stereo, etc.), shaving kit when her son started shaving

    WEAR: special jewelry, hobby/sport specific equipment, Fitbit or similar fitness tracker, rain gear, materials to make whatever they want to wear if you have a child who sews

    READ: art print of a favorite scripture verse/quote, first editions of beloved books (some found at yard sales and used bookstores!), travel guide to a future destination, biography of an admired historical figure, songbook for a child who sings/plays a musical instrument

    1. LOVE these ideas, Amber! Thank you! Travel guide? Oo-la-la! Art print? Brilliant! Shaving kit? Perfect!

  2. Each of our children get one new Christmas or Christ centered children's book, one ornament themed to something special from the last year (this year our daughter's is a Kindergarten one because she is in Kindergarten), one small toy (they are 5 and 18 months so this is very important to them, and one clothing item they need.

    We also are going to try to begin doing one special holiday outing as a family. This weekend my daughter and I are going to see "The Nutcracker" as theater group in Indianapolis offered $5/tickets for homeshool families. I look forward to finding inexpensive, special ways to celebrate the season as a family.

    1. We LOVE the holiday outings and need to make more of an effort to make sure it's perceived as a gift. How fun for the Nutcracker! How did you find out about that opportunity?

  3. We're planning on implementing this next year as the remaining children who live at home will be just a bit older. I've gone a bit overboard on the things that they want this year I'm afraid.

    1. It's so easy to buy for our children, isn't it? Sometimes, this four-gift rule takes an extra bit of discipline for me. :-)


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