Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Questions I Ask as I Decide on Decluttering + A Winner!

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On to the blog post!

Sometimes decluttering is tough. How do you decide what to keep and what should go?

I always dread that moment of agony...those minutes when I hold something in my hand or see it in the closet and wonder. What if I need it later? What if I find a need for it next month but it's gone? What if I look for that sentimental item a year from now to show my children but I've discarded it?

Ack! The what-if's can be overwhelming.

My mother and her new husband have recently decided that an independent living apartment in a retirement village might be a better option for them than owning a home. You know exactly what that means, and why I’ve included it here, don’t you? It means she has a houseful of stuff that simply cannot go with her. Add to that the fact that she’s never really discarded anything except in a few unsuccessful rummage sales over the past several decades plus a voracious spending habit as well as inheriting antique items from her mother and aunt in the past several years…and it’s overwhelming just to think about what lies ahead!

I am beyond grateful that this decluttering passion hit our household now. It’s hasn’t been fast or easy, but I pray that I’m saving my children time and trouble later.

So, as I've worked through our possessions off-and-on for the past year, I've developed some questions I ask myself or my husband or my children when we're trying to decide.

Is this something I want to keep forever and ever? In other words, will I take it out again in a year, in five years, in twenty-five years, and look at it/read it/love it/need it?

Do I need to keep all of it or should I discard some? For example, a child's coloring book or old vacation brochures or twenty zillion mismatched drinking glasses.

In what format do I want to keep it? Physical? Digital? Would it be best scanned and then the physical copy thrown away?

Is this something my children will want to deal with when I'm too old to take care of myself? Sometimes, I just ask them. Sometimes, I ask myself if I would want to deal with it if it was my mother’s or father’s. Only you can decide, and there is no right or wrong.

Does this meet a need elsewhere? Could this piece of furniture be used for another purpose or this article of clothing given to someone else in the household? Or is it best if I discard it?

Is it worth dusting/organizing/maintaining? Or will I dread that one more thing to do?

Can I find it online? {Information, photos, etc.} Do I really need to keep that book of photos of Mount St. Helen’s I bought on vacation? Unless it has sentimental value, probably not. The internet is a vast land of beautiful photos from all over the world.

Does it bring me joy? You'll recognize that one from Marie Kondo's book. It's a valid and helpful question.

Is it useful? Obviously, some things you just need. But do you need that much? As I examined my Tupperware cabinet, I saw several things that we hadn’t used since we moved or even for a couple of years before. Honestly, what does it say that I even have a “Tupperware cabinet”?

Even with these helpful questions, there have been some things I just can't decide on, like those couple of nice shirts that don't fit anymore but might again.

Only you can decide.


And now, the winner of last week's giveaway, A Beau for Katie -->

~~ Amy and Mark ~~

Congratulations! Just send me your address via my contact page, and I'll get your book in the mail. Thanks for helping to clear my shelves!

What questions do you ask yourself when you're decluttering?

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  1. Oh the "D" word. Since we moved to our new home we are trying to fight the clutter monster. So far we are doing well. We have set aside a lot of stuff that when we packed it,we thought we'd want it. After we took some items out of boxes,we realized we really didn't need them so in the donation box they went. We have a few things in a storage container and we will be donating some of those items too. The U-haul has a section on the premises ti leave unwanted items or you can take some a person has left. But we don't want to bring home more junk.


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