Saturday, October 1, 2016

Five Things I Learned in September ~ 2016

It's good to go out with just my husband. For various reasons through the years, my husband and I have not had a regular time to go anywhere without the children. We adore being with our children, so we didn't think we were sacrificing much. But when our 24th anniversary came around this month, we decided to go out to a new-to-us restaurant that the children didn't want to try. My word! We need to do this more often! I felt a bit of mommy-guilt, but as we talked about our goals for the future, about how things might be changing and how to handle it, that guilt rolled off. There are conversations that parents need to have without the children present, and sometimes those conversations happen best when we're not even in the same location.

The best time to try a new restaurant is on a Monday night. The restaurant we tried has live music and a party atmosphere on the weekends. That is not our type of thing! But on a Monday, it was quiet and we got personalized attention from a lovely server who had a beautiful three-month-old baby at home. {She had no problem with my request for half-unsweet half-sweet tea with lemon and kept my glass full the entire evening!} I could have done without the TVs spread throughout, but the volume was turned way down, so they didn't distract. Apart from the TVs, the ambiance was amazing and the food was excellent.

Each year, my yearning for cooler temperatures comes stronger and sooner. This month, we've still had daytime temperatures in the 80's and even some 90's. By mid-September, I'm dreaming of sweaters and quilts. Apple cider and pumpkin bread just don't taste the same when it's hot outside. All who live in the South have my sympathies. Don't tell anyone, but I'm praying for lots of snow and cold this winter.

Decluttering still brings sweet relief and peace. When we began The Great Purge of 2015 {which has now extended into 2016}, I had no idea how much we had accumulated that other {sometimes well-meaning} people had foisted on us. My time spent decluttering has dropped significantly, and sometimes I only have a few minutes each day. But I'm seeing that each area needs a second sweep. What blessing to get rid of excess!

I still really like print books. I blogged about this debate a little while ago, e-book versus print book, and when I do buy a book, I mostly buy for kindle now because of the whole decluttering thing. But a couple of days ago, I picked up a print book I’d had on my shelf for a year {a Christmas book from last year}. It felt SO GOOD in my hands. By the way, it’s a Christmas book. Is it possible to start reading Christmas stories too early?

What have you learned in September?

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  1. Hi Meghan!
    De-cluttering is good! My husband and I have been de-cluttering as well all summer. It is so freeing to see some of the bigger items find new and well loved homes. The only time it was hard for me, is when I see some of the kids clothing go to new owners. It's bitter sweet then.
    Happy Anniversary!!


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