Tuesday, October 11, 2016

40 More Items I've Discarded in The Great Purge + A Giveaway

Once we get started decluttering and take a long, hard look at our possessions, isn't it mind-boggling what we've accumulated?

Our family has really pared down, but I'm still digging through nooks and crannies and storage containers. So here's another list of fifty things we've discarded, whether it be thrown in the trash, donated, or sold.

  1. Two super-large pads from the hospital left over from the birth of my youngest, now almost six-years-old.
  2. Unidentifiable round white pills in a travel container. {Probably some form of pain reliever, but I'm not risking it.}
  3. A sturdy but tacky side table made of sawdust glued together and painted at least three times.
  4. The little patriotic-styled paper hat that was on my supper tray when I was in the hospital with the now-15yo. {I took a picture before I threw it away.}
  5. My husband's tax return from four years before we met.
  6. A Home Depot receipt I found in a keepsake box.
  7. Last winter's clothes my youngest son has grown out of.
  8. Some nonfiction books that are so outdated by now that I know I'll never read them.
  9. A supplemental third-grade history reader that we hadn't used for the first four children and so, most likely, won't use for the youngest two.
  10. Old, used-up coloring books. {I did scan and save a few of the best pages.}
  11. Refillable water bottles with the pop-top that you're supposed to suck on but it felt more like and sounded like kissing to get the water out. {Try handing one of those to a 12yo boy.}
  12. Blurry photos of nothing saved from our 35mm camera days.
  13. Old, frayed, stained rags.
  14. Christmas window clings that lost their cling.
  15. Old dolls with their hair worn off.
  16. A watch that exasperated me with the constant need for battery replacement.
  17. Excess pencils and pens. 
  18. Too-stretched-out ponytail holders.
  19. An extra box of staples. {Going paperless, right?}
  20. Excess fabric scraps.
  21. Paper organizing trays.
  22. Birthday cards received ten years ago that don't have a date or a personalized note. {I scanned them.}
  23. A membership kit from the American Bar Association from when I joined in 1998.
  24. A Popsicle stick box the children made for me a few years ago that didn't survive the storage box it was in for moving.
  25. A 3.5 inch floppy disc.
  26. Three outgrown hooded towels my husband was supposed to have carried downstairs to the giveaway bag but I found stuffed in a cabinet in the laundry room. {I'm not crabbing about him. He probably forgot on the way down the stairs.}
  27. A duplicate can of starch. {Seriously, if you know my husband, I don't even need one can of starch, let alone two.}
  28. Christmas cards received twenty years ago. {I scanned the personalized ones.}
  29. A twenty-year-old {I think} card from someone promising she'll always be my best friend but I can't read the signature and don't remember the card.
  30. A fleece blanket my 10yo didn't want anymore.
  31. Two round aluminum cake pans with the bottom sluffing off.
  32. Tourist brochures from a trip I took in high school.
  33. A bottle of lotion with an aroma that made me sneeze.
  34. Cordless phones.
  35. Bicycles too small for anyone to ride.
  36. A couple more shirts I hadn't worn since we moved nearly two years ago. I thought I might wear them this past summer, but I didn't.
  37. An Americana wall quilt.
  38. A side table made of particle board that had been painted so many times the drawer didn't open well anymore.
  39. The final few black napkins left over from the open house we hosted when my husband completed his master's degree in 2006. We used them and threw them away.
  40. This book -->

Who wants to take this off my shelf?

It’s a GIVEAWAY of an Amish Love Inspired book! Leave a comment or send me an email through my contact page. Or, if you're reading this in email, you can respond with the button at the bottom that says Email the Author. The giveaway will be open through Monday, October 17, at 5:00 p.m., and I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday.

Have a great week!

What items have you discarded in your Great Purge?

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  1. I'd love the book. :) I'm laughing at your list of stuff. I should do the same thing. We have equally silly things around here. In fact, from where I'm sitting, I can see a prescription for a child that no longer lives in my house, and expired tickets to Six Flags. Those can go *right now*. Thanks! Maybe I'll be more inspired to keep purging.

  2. I had a good laugh about the old birthday card from your best friend forever. I am also quite guilty of hanging on to every.single.card. that comes my way! Scanning them would be a great solution to minimize my paper storage now that I am also saving the cards my children receive. -- I would love to be entered to win the book! What a fun giveaway!

  3. I'm so impressed and inspired by all the items that you have parted with in the great purge! I love books about the Amish and would love to be entered in the giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win!


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