Monday, September 12, 2016

Our Homeschool School Room in the New House

We have never had a *proper* school room. Quite frankly, I never had the desire for one. We were homeschooling. Although I can see the benefit of organizing everything in one place, I've never wanted to even resemble the public school classroom. 

But then we designed and built a home, and some asked me if I was going to have a school room. 

The short answer is no.

The long answer is that school happens everywhere for us, and I don't want learning to be confined to a particular area. I don't want the children to think that learning happens only at a particular desk or table or space and when they leave that space they don't have to learn anymore. We love our flexibility, so our school is constantly flowing throughout the house.

I know what you're thinking. 

Homeschooling + flexible location X big family = MESS.

Yes, that is sometimes true. However, in our quest to declutter and downsize our possessions, I scanned all of our curriculum...everything except textbooks. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner! Now, all of our paper materials fit in one short bookcase. 

Okay, sometimes there's a mess.

We don't do a lot of crafts, but we do keep our tubs of crayons, colored pencils, and markers in a hall closet with our games and puzzles. We also keep rulers, scissors, glue sticks, etc. in a drawer.

So where DO we do school?

Anywhere. Everywhere.

At the dining room table.

On the floor. On the sofa.

School on the top bunk. {But only books, not electronic devices.}

We have two laptops for the children to access lesson plans, quizzes, and tests. They're set up fairly close to each other in high traffic areas in our house. {Yes, we have strong parental controls on the laptops, plus I can see them from where I typically sit.}

Sometimes, when necessary, we school in the van or in a common area at the college where the 16yo is taking her dual enrollment class.

We LOVE this aspect of homeschooling...roaming about, changing our scenery to change our perspective or perk up our mood.

Do you have a homeschool room? Where do you homeschool?

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  1. We homeschool everywhere as well! I don't need a specific room. We gravitate to the kitchen table even though we each have other favorite places to learn we always end up back at my little table.

    1. The table is a great place to congregate everyone. We drift, depending on the subject, but much is done at the family table. Many blessings on your school year, Chrystal! :-)

  2. We have a dedicated room in this house, and I love it! 8 bookcases, my desk, and a table & chairs for the kids, plus all the art supplies in one place.

  3. We are in the early years of homeschooling, my oldest is four and in Kindergarten this year. I did three years of preschool and kept all of our supplies in a certain room mostly because our sweet girl loves scissors and I found many items cut into little pieces. By last year, she was asking to have her own school table to do some art projects. My husband refinished an old table and she fell in love with working there! I never intended to have a formal schoolroom, beyond storing all school supplies in an organized manner, but our daughter created her own. She loves keeping everything in line and even makes her own posters for the walls. We currently have just one other child, a son who is one, and we are hoping that he will come to love learning in our schoolroom too!

    1. Amy, you make me want a schoolroom! The refinished table sounds lovely. Many blessings on your new school year! :-)

  4. Sweet Meghan! I haven't stopped by your blog in a while, but I missed reading your encouraging posts! We have begun homeschooling pre-school this year and I love that we can do it anywhere we like. It's only 30 minutes a day - we ease our way into the whole homeschooling thing. :)
    Have blessed day!

    1. Welcome, Bibi! I'm so glad you stopped by again! I'm completely with you on easing into homeschooling. At the earlier grades, so much is learned through what looks like play anyway that a ton of book work just isn't needed. Blessings on your school year! :-)

  5. Us, too--flexibility!!! :) My favorite place is outside. Last week, the girls & I were outside doing history. 3 baby birds came and landed right near us! SO fun.

    I often try to get some done during lunch (I either eat before or after or read in between bites. LOL)

    We also LOVE textbooks on computer! I'm not sure I would have said that without MCS/mold illness, but it cuts down on paper, ink, mold risk, etc. That's a huge deal for us.


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