Tuesday, August 30, 2016

What I Learned in August

I'm borrowing again from Emily Freeman and my writing buddy Lynn Blackburn Huggins to post a few things I learned in the month of August.

Sometimes, the simple moments are the most joyful. {Okay, I already knew this one. But a reminder is always helpful.} Sunny skies. A clear road ahead. Worshipping with GLAD in the van. It was peaceful bliss, even if only from Nashville to home.

Sometimes, God's plans aren't our plans. I thought I was going to the American Christian Fiction Writers conference to learn about writing and to connect with other writers and to see writing friends I hadn't seen in a while or only knew online. And all those things happened. And it was wonderful. But it was also a weekend of great spiritual encouragement for me, in so many ways. Little truths snuck in where I didn't expect...a keynote address by Ted Dekker, a casual conversation with Debby Giusti, a panel of writers talking about community. Now, I wonder if maybe that was the Lord's plan all along.

With Dana Lynn and Lynn Huggins Blackburn.

With Janet Dean, Debby Giusti, and Myra Johnson.

Sometimes, moments of transition don't make themselves obvious until later. My oldest, a high school junior, started her first college-level class for dual enrollment. {A post on our reasons for choosing dual enrollment is coming later.} I took pictures, but on her first day, I was so busy corralling all the others and figuring out where we would go while she was in class that I didn't think of the profundity of our first child starting college. Time slips by whether we're paying attention or not.

Sometimes, it's just too hot to go outside. Praise God for William Carrier, the inventor of air conditioning! Come quickly, autumn crispness and pumpkins and turning leaves!

What have you learned in the month of August?

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  1. Time does slip by and way too fast it seems. Glad you had a good trip.

    Charlotte Moore

    1. Sometimes it just seems like time is flying at breakneck speed, usually at those moments when you want to pause and hang on for a little while longer. :-)


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