Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Mathematical Formula for Spiritual Growth

The intensity was palpable in that little study room at the library. Five of the six children sat at a laptop, clicks echoing off the walls, eyes focused on question after question after question.

They had been preparing for two months, studying, memorizing, taking practice tests. 

When I was a child, dreaming of my own family, I never imagined that I would have children who would delve so deeply into God's Word, hiding it in their hearts, and willingly and eagerly testing the knowledge they had acquired. It's not only knowledge, but our entire family has drawn closer to the Lord as a result of these studies.

No matter what other difficulties I have in life at this moment, I am blessed beyond measure.

As the five were testing, the youngest, not old enough yet to participate, was with Daddy in the children's area.

So, now we wait for results. Who will make it the national competition in November? Who will have the challenge – and the blessing – of memorizing the hundreds of verses and studying the new chapters of the Bible to compete?

In the meantime, we celebrate!

And the children read again.

Now, it's back to school. And this mama will jot down in her prayer journal an answer to prayer. Because no matter who makes it to Nationals and who doesn't, there has been spiritual growth.

Of course, growth in knowledge and faith in God can’t be mathematically formulated. But if it could….

Exponential Spiritual Growth = 2 Months of Study of God's Word + 1 Bible Bee Test x 5 children

That's the real goal.

How do you accomplish spiritual growth?

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  1. This was such an uplifting post! Hope it goes well for them.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! In fact, results were released late yesterday. The 16yo and the 12yo made it to the national competition this year! :-)

  2. How wonderful to see children know so much about HIS word.

    Charlotte Moore


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