Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Books Are Beautiful...Or Are They?

With all of the technology available at our disposal, there are many different ways to read today. But most of us, at least those of us reading this blog J, are most familiar with and began our reading careers with physical books. 

At one point in time, we probably held a chunky board book in our chubby little hands and sounded out the alphabet, looked at the illustrations.

My house is full of books. They're my primary decoration.

But should they be? Or are they just clutter?

The debate of print books versus electronic books is not a new one, but I'll admit I haven't decided either way. Our family has been simplifying like crazy, and we've either sold or given away a lot of books. But I can't see getting rid of them entirely. Let's talk about it.

Why I love print books ~~

*The lovely aroma of the paper.

*The sturdy weight in my hands, the turn of the page with a light puff of air on my face, the finish of the cover brushing against my fingertips. {I prefer matte.}

*My book mark marching through the pages, marking my progress, and the sense of accomplishment when I can see the stack of pages I've read.

*The beauty of the book shelf. They're the best decorations in the house, like I noted above.

*The ease of flipping through a paper book and finding whatever snippet I'm looking for.

*The ability to loan it to a friend.

Why I sometimes think of getting rid of more print books ~~

*They get dusty on the shelf.

*Boxes of books are heavy to move.

*Depending on the number I might take, it can be difficult to pack several books for traveling. With a big family, we take a lot of books.

*A thick book won't fit in my purse for running errands and waiting in lines.

*Sometimes, they can be more expensive.

So, do my pros and cons seem to be about evenly balanced? What are your most favorite or least favorite things about print books?

{Next week, we'll talk about ebooks. J}

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  1. Our youngest son is very high tech. He does everything by computer, iPad, or iPhone. However, he does not like to read a book online. He likes to have the real deal. Funny!!
    If I was an avid reader I would rather have a book too.

    Charlotte Moore

    1. I've read studies, Charlotte, that show exactly that. Most people prefer print books no matter how much they do on a computer. Interesting!

  2. I've decided I'm an equal opportunity reader. I will use print or ebook. However here are my pros and cons for print:
    Pros - I love the smell, the physical sensation of holding a book and curling up with it to read, and being able to write on it's pages when I'm studying (gasp!). Another important reason for print books - what if there is a natural disaster or a major disaster of a more sinister nature and the power grid goes down indefinitely? Then those e-readers are all going to die and we will no longer have access to the books. Print books will still work though!
    Cons to print books - they can get eaten by a teething child or torn by a toddler, they are heavy to read with one hand while feeding a baby, they take up a lot more space in a bag, backpack, or house. They can get lost - even if it is just in the stacks on the shelves.

    1. Hi, Tristan! One of the big problems with e-books is just that - the need for power. (But you're jumping ahead to next week! :-) )

      I'm a few years away from nursing (*sniff*), but now that you mention it, I do recall having a hard time holding a heavy book and nursing. I tried many times and made my arm sore. Good point!


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