Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Save Money in Your Homeschool

It’s a continual struggle, isn’t it? How to save money but still have what you need and maybe some of what you want. The cost of homeschooling can range from zero to thousands, depending on how you approach it. Here are a few money-savers we’ve figured out over the years.

*Use ALL of the paper. Not every comprehension check or quiz needs its own, separate piece of paper.

*Share supplies. Does each child really need his or her own pair of scissors? How many protractors are needed at any one time in the day?

*Save those free pencils…from library programs, from goodie bags, from handouts at the state fair.

*Get involved in activities at the library. Our local library brings in special programs all year round. Most are free, and all we have to do is register. Our children have seen a bluegrass violin-guitar duet, engaged in some Irish dancing, and learned about chemistry. If your local library doesn’t have programs, is there a larger library within a do-able driving distance you could get involved in?

*Buy manual pencil sharpeners. We’ve tried a couple of different electric sharpeners, and they’ve just turned out to be junk. This twenty-five-cent model is the best we’ve had.

*If they ask for suggestions, encourage grandparents to buy school supplies for the children, like that cute binder with the puppies on it or the snazzy pencils covered with smiley faces. If you make sure the supplies are fun, you get the added benefit of making school fun.

*Give them as gifts to your children. It has become a tradition in our family that, among other small, useful items, the children receive a snazzy Christmas pencil in their stockings.

*Buy on sale. I always commiserate in July with my public school friends when they remark on the amount of school supplies they have to buy, not just the amount of supplies for each child but also the amount of money. It’s a tough situation, and they have my sympathy, but they have requirements I don’t have. I wait until the end of August or early September and buy the sale remnants.

*Buy extra. When I do get to those sales, if the price is right, I buy extra. One year, 70-count spiral notebooks dropped to five cents each. You can be sure we bought two boxes of those things! They’re handy for more than just school as well, like coloring on a road trip or taking notes in church or keeping a prayer journal. Another year, 24-count boxes of crayons went down to twenty-five cents.

*Use technology to your advantage. {I would advise you to use extreme caution here. Please! It is no secret that the internet is filled with filth, so get a filter or get an accountability program...whatever is needful in your situation to get the yuck away from you and your children.} I have found several good websites with free math and languages worksheets, maps, puzzles, mazes, etc. More recently, my teen needed a scientific calculator. Lo and behold, the free calculator app on my iPad fulfilled her needs. {When I was in high school, my parents had to buy a special calculator for over $100. Whew!}

I hope you find these helpful, and I’d love to read your money-saving suggestions in the comments.

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  1. Great list of suggestions! We use our library for so much; I can't believe how many curriculum books I've found at or through our library and just kick myself for not searching sooner.

    1. An excellent idea, Mother of 3! When we started homeschooling over ten years ago, I borrowed Hooked on Phonics from the library and countless HS books since. Thank you for the reminder. :-)


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