Saturday, December 19, 2015

Want to worry? Read Vendetta - #FCBlogger

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We've all heard the advice. Be careful online. Predators abound. Young people should be supervised and particularly alert to imposters. It’s all true.

Somebody should have told the teenage girl in Vendetta, the newest fiction from Lisa Harris.

I was on edge from the beginning as the main character, Nikki, goes rock-climbing on the one-year anniversary of the death of her best friend. Of course, something goes wrong with her equipment, and both the character and the reader are hanging on the edge of the cliff. *biting nails* As she comes down, she receives a call that she’s needed on the job because a girl has gone missing nearby.

Of course, the book isn't ultimately about the abducted girl. It's about Nikki Boyd, the detective on the Tennessee Missing Person Task Force, who searches for her. A Polaroid photo of the missing girl appears at a crime scene, the calling card of the man she believes abducted her own sister ten years earlier. It seems that Nikki has something – or someone – from her past to face.

The Smoky Mountains provide an intriguing backdrop to this hunt through the woods, and Tyler, Nikki’s deceased best friend’s now-widowed husband, provides an interesting, albeit unresolved, romantic conflict. This is the first book in an upcoming series, so I’m sure we’ll see Tyler again.

Revenge – hurting someone who hurt you – is a motive that goes back to Cain and Abel. But it is an enduring motivation, and the author drags it out bit by bit so carefully in Vendetta that I couldn't stop thinking about the story in between my times of reading. You've heard the saying that a book is good when you want to pray for the characters. Oh, yes! Nikki Boyd needs your prayers! J

And the moral to the story? Warn your teens to be super-careful online!

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  1. Read this one while vacation in the Smokies. Yikes!! It was nerve wracking!!


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