Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Future Goals for Decluttering Music and Movies ~ The Great Purge of 2015 ~ Decluttering Series

Have you ever thought of decluttering your media? Not just getting rid of it, the CDs and DVDs, but storing them in a way that you still have access to them without actually storing them physically? Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

This fall, my husband told me about blue-tooth speakers that play music from the computer. My world of technology has been pretty small, limited to my laptop and whatever I read that my Facebook and blog friends are doing. So when my husband started telling me about being able to store all of our music on the computer or, even better, on a flashdrive, and then listening to it on a top-quality but tiny speaker, the heavens opened and the angels sang. J He must have thought I was crazy by asking him over and over if this was for real. Get rid of all our CDs AND the stereo components and speakers? No more dusting inside components? No more attempts to disguise speakers inside the décor? Here I come, Craigslist!

This revelation also meant I could eliminate CDs from our van. We have a newer model vehicle that has a USB port. Thus, we could have nearly all of our music on one little flash drive everywhere we might go. Woot! Let’s drive to Europe! J

Now, what about all those DVDs in the plastic cases? I hit upon an idea a few years back that I loved. I removed all the DVDs from those cases and slipped them into paper sleeves. Then, we stored those sleeves in an attractive chest that blended with our home décor. Still, though, there were some DVDs that seemed like they shouldn’t be removed from their original packaging, like the Little House on the Prairie series.

But you know what else you can do? Put your DVDs onto your computer or on a solid-state hard drive and eliminate all those discs. Goodbye, clutter!

Another benefit to storing music and movies digitally is the elimination of fingerprints on discs and risk of damage. 

If we’re going to be stuck with technology, we might as well make it work for us. Decluttering just took a giant leap forward. Very little is safe in the Great Purge of 2015!

How do you store your music and movies? Is there a better way?

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  1. My mind can't comprehend all that technology can do. Our son tells us things and I just look at him having no clue what he means. HA!!

    Charlotte Moore

    1. It's overwhelming, isn't it? I'm sure there are many more options than what I've mentioned here. I'm glad I have my husband to guide us!

      So good to "see" you again, Charlotte. :-)

  2. What happens when something goes wrong and you lose everything you put on a flash drive or hard drive and you no long own all those CDs or DVDs?

    1. That was a concern of mine as well, but my husband plans on putting everything in the cloud. So with that backup as well as a flash drive in the van, a hard drive, and the laptop, we should be covered. Of course, nothing is safe anyway. When we were newlyweds, our house was burglarized and a lot of stuff was gone forever. The house we built stands on a lot that became available because the prior house was struck by lightning and burned.

  3. What a great purge! We've done away with cds almost completely - just a few for the car really as our main car doesn't have a fancy hook up for USB! We do still have the DVDs, but we are starting to collect digital editions instead, which is so nice

    Thanks for sharing!




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