Monday, October 5, 2015

The Great Purge of 2015 ~ Decluttering Series

Twenty-three years of marriage and six children worth of accumulation. That’s what I’ve been unpacking in this new house for almost a year.

About six months into our new domicile, my eyes began to open to all the junk stuff. As I asked myself where it should go, a new question began to dawn in my mind.

Why did we even have it?

And the inevitable kicking began…kicking myself that I didn't sort and declutter BEFORE we moved.

I had thought about it.

Asked my husband about it.

Even filled a small box with stuff to donate to the thrift store.

It’s all right to laugh at me. J

And I continued to open boxes in the new house, wondering why I was keeping anything in them if I hadn’t missed those things for many months. In some cases, I had packed that stuff away well over a year ago!

As if that wasn’t enough to make me see that God was speaking and the angels were singing, next, we had some things overdue at the library. Two weeks in a row! Then, we were renewing books because we couldn't find them in time to return them. It was like fingernails on a chalkboard to think of having to pay good money for our lack of organization.  (Yes, it was partly a putting-away problem, but it's so much easier to put-away when there is less to be put away.)

So, we are finally decluttering!

I'm calling it The Great Purge of 2015.

I’ve been through everyone’s clothes closets, the game closet, the bathroom cabinets, both linen closets, and part of the laundry room. I’ve also tossed out stuff as I see it when I get into the laundry room and the sewing closet, though those spaces haven’t been purged properly. My husband has pulled a bunch of stuff from the garage and the mini-barn.

I've made multiple trips to donate to the thrift store, perhaps as much as would add up to two van-loads...without the seats! And you know what? I still have plenty. So much so that I think I need to make another pass through the closets.

Through October and into November, we’re going to talk about clutter. What it is. Why we collect it. What to do about it. Going paperless. What my ultimate goals are.

Are you in? It’s the perfect time to purge, right before the holidays and all those Christmas gifts come rolling in!

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What are your opinions on clutter? Do you eliminate or do you keep?

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  1. Clutter! I have so much junk that I have to ask myself why do I even have this stuff?. I think my problem is I like free things. So I had to fight the urge to respond to a post on my homeschool email list about free metal tea tins. I love metal tea tins!

    At our yearly used curriculum sale, we have a room for free items. Guess who stops there first and brings home unnecessary items?
    Anyway, I want to follow your example so I'm going to be following your series. Thanks Meghan for posting this.


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