Wednesday, October 21, 2015

60 Things We've Said Good-bye To ~ The Great Purge of 2015 ~ Decluttering Series

Let’s get started. The post is simple and straightforward today ~ a list of sixty things we've eliminated.

  1. A hand-me-down hair dryer that we'd never used.
  2. A dehumidifier my mother thought we needed when we had our first child but we'd used only once and then it was completely ineffective.
  3. A set of sheets that had looked and sounded nice on the packaging but when we got them on our bed they were scratchy but we paid for them so we couldn't stand to part with them.
  4. Excess folders and binder accessories. You know, since we're going paperless.
  5. Two short chests of drawers that we didn't need because we built bigger closets AND decluttered.
  6. A set of towels we received as a wedding gift 20+ years ago and hadn't used in years.
  7. A slim-line-style corded phone that belonged to my grandmother.
  8. A pattern for a quilt I'll never make.
  9. A sewing pattern for chair pads...I'll never make. J
  10. Discovery Toys tracing pieces. Cookie cutters work just as well and pull double-duty.
  11. Two ugly flower pots.
  12. Exersaucer. {Waaa! My babies are growing up, and it seems God isn't going to give us anymore. J}
  13. A couple of fleece blankets that aren't pretty and only make us sweat.
  14. Shoes with the leather scuffed off the toe.
  15. A coffee mug with the acronym of a church conference emblazoned on the side that I kept because I felt like I wouldn't be loyal to my church if I got rid of it.
  16. Doubles of (some) books.
  17. A vinyl hamper we got for a wedding gift.
  18. A set of salt-and-pepper shakers.
  19. A jar candle with a scent we didn't like so I'd never used it.
  20. More than a few out-of-style and ugly ties.
  21. Two-inch squares of sample carpet I'd stuck in a case I needed them later.
  22. Lots of paper. {Post coming soon on scanning.}
  23. Four yards of princess fabric my girls outgrew before I used it.
  24. Scraps of fabric too small to use unless I learned the details of quilting.
  25. A toy piano that ate batteries.
  26. Binders that don't have the view pocket on the front to insert a cover.
  27. A cupcake carrier that was given to us. {We enjoy cupcakes provided at special events, but we don't like them enough to make them at home and carry them somewhere.}
  28. Brochures from a vacation from 2002.
  29. An old book of Yellowstone National Park photos. I can find that and so many more pictures online now.
  30. Bits of bias tape too short to use.
  31. A sewing pattern for children's pajamas. It’s a cute idea but there are other things I'd rather sew.
  32. Address book filler paper.
  33. Diapers left over after potty-training.
  34. Owner's manual and warranty for a 10yo lawn mower for which we only have the motor now.
  35. The first sweater I bought with my own money...long out-of-style and no longer a good fit.
  36. Excess hangers.
  37. Empty shoe boxes we'd saved to use for storage.
  38. A tote bag with a hole in the bottom {chewed out by a squirrel at SeaWorld}.
  39. A pair of uncomfortable black sandals.
  40. A fall garland I didn't like but had kept because I thought I was supposed to like it.
  41. DVD cases.
  42. Ponytail holders too stretched out to be easy-to-use.
  43. A bassinet {which I hadn't used with the youngest anyway for fear that the then-2yo would pull it over}.
  44. Old glasses...dropped in the donation box at the optometrist's office for the Lion's Club to recycle.
  45. Valances from the old house that I didn't reuse in the new house.
  46. A pack-n-play we had bought used.
  47. Excess kiddie plastic cups.
  48. 40yo plastic folders and bits of cardboard my mom had left in a roll-top desk she passed on to me.
  49. A toy man with magnetic clothes {like a paper doll} that no one played with.
  50. A nightgown in a plaid so loud it was uncomfortable. J
  51. A decorative holder for a pillar candle.
  52. A couple of my husband's work tee-shirts that weren't even fit to be rags.
  53. Unused scrapbooks.
  54. Soft-side cooler with the lining ripping out.
  55. Some how-to-do-preschool homeschooling books.
  56. A couple of public school style textbooks we just won't be using.
  57. Excess plastic rulers given to the children by well-meaning family members. {We kept the wooden ones.}
  58. A musical bear knick-knack my mom picked up at a rummage sale and passed on to us.
  59. A floor puzzle that wasn’t challenging any longer.
  60. An extra Headache game.

All that fits my definition of clutter.

How do you define clutter?

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  1. Oh, I need to start a list like this.

    1. When you do, feel free to share here and encourage others! Ideas are contagious. :-)

  2. Decluttering.... always my goal. I am so tired of the clutter. Thank you for the tips, the encouragement and the proof that it can be done. It's never easy deciding what to part with. :-)

    1. When I started, the task seemed nearly insurmountable, Amy. But as I continued, so did the enthusiasm for the task. That made the decisions easier. Not easy, but easier. Thanks for reading!

  3. Meghan, I'm smiling at many of your decluttering items. Yes, I need to do this. We're at the downsizing stage of life, so I'm reassessing many of my things. I'm slowly learning to snap a photo, then donate my old treasures. Good luck to us both!

    1. Snapping a photo is a terrific idea, Sherida! I've done that with a lot of my children's school projects and stuff that won't scan (still keeping the super-special items), but I hadn't thought of that with what I'd call clutter. Thank you!

  4. I love some of the descriptions, like #25 and #38! This list is the footnotes of joyful, well-lived family story!

    1. I hadn't thought of that, Helen, but you're right. What we keep and what we don't keep tell a lot about us, don't they? Thanks for your sweet words!

  5. Anything that either doesn't serve or purpose or that I don't absolutely LOVE looking at.

  6. I might put up a list on the fridge. As it is, we give the kids 10 minutes electronics time for every item that they donate!


I so much appreciate your time and effort in leaving a comment, and I try to respond to as many as time permits. :-)