Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How to Modest-Up a Coloring Book

My girls love to color, and I love to encourage them to color. It's an artistic and pleasant endeavor that's easy on the pocketbook. The days were happy and carefree when they wanted the coloring books with big bears, fluffy bunnies, and fields of flowers. Every few months, we would make a trip to the store where everything is one dollar and pick new books. 

But as my girls grew older, they wanted the more girly coloring books. High heels, purses, and short skirts with plunging necklines abounded. Yikes! Most of the pages were all right, but what about the few with guitar stars dressed in their stage attire? Why should my girl color a picture of a girl in a mini-skirt and halter top if I would never dress her in one?

My oldest girl, the one with the artistic flair, found the solution for our family. She's developed a few tricks to modest-up a standard coloring book.

* The black crayon in your best friend. Add a new sleeve length or a new hem. Once it's colored, you'll never know what was there before.

* Use a necklace as a new neckline. Sometimes, the coloring book artist puts a bead necklace on the girl in the picture. Color up to it as the neckline, rather than the way-too-low neckline in the original.

* Use a bracelet as a new sleeve hem.

* Color in leggings under a short skirt.

* Draw in a skirt in a dark color over skin-tight pants.

* Draw a new hem to turn pants into a skirt.

Sometimes, it just takes a little creativity! J

What other tips do you have for a coloring book?

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  1. WOW!!! What a great idea and she did it so well.

    Charlotte Moore

    1. It's so terrific to see you here, Charlotte! The 15yo has become our default artist for the Littles and their coloring books. All talent comes from her father. :-)

  2. Ha ha! I've done this with Disney books like the Little Mermaid and Pocohontas. My 7 year old colors in sleeves etc and I don't think I ever told her she needs to, she does it on her own:)

  3. What a wonderful idea. I wish I had these tips when my girls were little. Thanks for this great post!

    1. Thanks for reading, Regina! Sorry I didn't think to write this post sooner. :-)

  4. What an absolutely great idea. I always was careful what my daughter was exposed to also. As modest moms we can't be too careful. Thanks for sharing this idea !!!


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