Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How My Children Are Becoming Avid Readers ~ A List of Ten

It makes me a tad nervous to write this post. I have little ones, and the jury is still out on how avid their reading will become. But I have received the question from a reader on how my children have come to be avid readers. It's an excellent question, and I thought it was a good time for an update.

I love lists almost as much as I love reading, so I made a list of how we have encouraged our children to become readers. J

1. My husband and I both value reading and model that to the children. We always have a book we're reading {sometimes more than one!}. The children see us reading, and we talk about what we're reading with the children.

2. My three oldest children are avid readers, so the Littles see them reading and want to emulate them.

3. Our primary decoration in our home is bookshelves filled with books. It's what the children see all the time, not a big-screen television or a bunch of babbling battery-operated toys or a stack of video games. The children have bookshelves in their rooms, we have large bookshelves in the living room, and we have an upstairs library with two more bookcases.

Lots of schoolbooks and children's classics in the upstairs library.

4. We encourage the reading. I go to special effort to find books I think they'll like, keep up with how much they are reading, encourage them to read, and then talk about it with them in an animated conversation. I focus my attention on them and the book, not multitasking.

5. I write. Remember Under Duress, my Love Inspired Suspense novel coming out in February, 2016?
J I also talk about what I write. I ask my children to brainstorm with me, and that shows them the value of story and the written word.

A portion of the shelves in the boys' room.

6. My husband and I read {and the Bigs read} to the Littles, copiously. With voices.

7. Birthdays and Christmas always include gifts of books.

8. We visit the library once each week where we check out many, many more books than movies.

One set of shelves in the girls' room.

9. We participate in summer reading programs, including our local library and Half-Price Books. We also participate in the winter reading program at our local library. The prize offers an extra incentive, especially when it's a packet of food coupons to go out to eat.

10. I pray for my children to love reading and learning.

A few shelves in the office.

Now, the $60,000 question ~ which of these work the best? I have no idea, but prayer is always worth it.

Happy reading!

How do you encourage your children to read?

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  1. I love your bookshelves!! I am an avid reader myself and was quite saddened when I reached obstacles with both my children in becoming avid readers.
    I read to my daughter all through pregnancy my daughter and she loved being read to as a baby and toddler. After that she wasn't much into books. :(
    With my son I didn't read to him while I was pregnant (long work hours and exhaustion). As a baby/toddler he did Not like to be read to (maybe an autism issue?). Now, however, he is a way more avid reader than I am and, even with video games available will happily disappear with a good book not even considering the games!!

  2. Love this!!! A family who reads together is a great thing. Our family only watches television about 5 hours a week. We each get one hour a week if we so choose. I prefer to read and get lost in the stories.


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