Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer Reading Just Got Better ~ Inspirational Romantic Suspense at Its Finest ~ #FCBlogger

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Wowza! Can Colleen Coble write or what?

You romantic suspense fans will know exactly what I’m talking about. And if you’re unfamiliar with romantic suspense, give it a try.

Characters I’d like to sit down and have coffee with, twist and turns galore, and even a baby orca. What’s not to love?

Colleen Coble’s newest release is The Inn at Ocean’s Edge, A Sunset Cove Novel. The prologue starts the reader in the year 1989, when Claire Dellamare, then four years old, goes missing. A year later, she is found in the same location, at the same hotel, but nobody knows where she spent that missing year. In the current day, she returns to that hotel for business negotiations involving the family-owned aviation business…but memories begin to surface.

Luke Rocco’s mother disappeared about the same time that Claire disappeared, but she was never found. A chance meeting between Claire and Luke shows them their similar yet unusual histories, and together they work to discover what really happened that missing year. As they learn more, though, a mysterious man seems determined to stop Claire from learning the truth.

*cue suspenseful music*

Colleen Coble has mastered setting the scene at the beginning of each chapter through sight and sound and emotion. The story takes place in Maine at the beach, so each chapter was infused with the sights and sounds and smells of the beach. I felt like I was really there, and I love that in a book. I took a vacation at the beach last week, and I didn’t have to dump sand out of my suit. J

What was particularly enjoyable was the way the two plots, both Claire and Luke’s histories, wove together at the end. I enjoy trying to figure out what-comes-next as I read any book, as I’m sure a lot of readers do, but this story had my mind spinning. How were the two deaths from twenty-five years ago related? Then I thought maybe they weren’t. But they must be! But how? Argh! And the villain? NO WAY did I figure that one out. I was guessing until the end.

So now that the book is over, what do I do while I wait for the next Sunset Cove novel? Go to Colleen Coble’s older titles! J

Which Colleen Coble book is your favorite?

Isn't the Lilla Rose July flexi-of-the-month gorgeous?

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  1. So there were 2 deaths?? A missing child and a woman that was never found, but the child wasn't dead.

    Charlotte Moore

  2. Hey Meghan,

    I was just looking for a new fiction book to read! Thanks for the suggestion. I like Colleen, and I'm going to look up this book~

    Came over on R and R today. Followed you on Pinterest and Twitter as well.

    Hope you have a blessed day today~


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