Thursday, July 16, 2015

Free Time for Mom? ~ Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday, hosted by Kate Motaung, sounds like so much fun that I decided to take up the challenge to write for five minutes without editing. Every Thursday evening, Kate posts the topic of the week, and the community then free writes. In her words, this means “no editing, no over-thinking, and no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation.” See? A challenge for this perfectionist! J

This week’s word is FREE.

Ready? Here we go.

I’m up a few minutes early and rush to my favorite chair. Ahh…free time with God. I open my Bible and begin with prayer asking God to speak to my heart. It’s not long, and I hear a door squeak open. Soon, my 4yo peeks around the corner, his hair mussed and his pajamas rumpled. He rushes into my lap, and we cuddle.

Coffee! I set the maker and get the brew going, thinking I’ll savor a cup for a few minutes with my FB friends or my latest novel. A bit of calm in my morning that’s been nothing but interrupted. Free time. But the buzzer on the dryer shatters that silence, and I tromp into the laundry room.

Nap time = quiet time = free time for Mom. Right? What shall I do with my time? But a quiet voice asks me to test her on verses for the Bible Bee. Then another voice wants me to read a book.

Where has my free time gone all day? To activities I love.

The 4yo will grow up and grow out of my lap. I’ll take the cuddles while I can get them.

I’m blessed to have an automatic washing machine and dryer and children who need the clothes.

And my children learning Scripture and reading? My heart thumps wildly with the pleasure of knowing they enjoy those pursuits.

Free time for Mom? I have all I need.

The end.

What do you do with your free time? Do you have free time?

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  1. Meghan, what a great attitude you have toward the "interruptions" in life! I enjoyed reading your post today. Stopping by from FMF! ~Katy

  2. Thank you for your thoughts! I needed this today.

  3. Wonderful perspective from a wonderful Mom. You brought tears to my eyes.

    Here from FMF, #7

  4. Just dropping in Meghan, I home schooled both of my children for 18 years and like you mention all the free time gets used up. With hindsight I can concur with you...These were the most wonderful years of my life and I would take a "do over" in a heartbeat if it were possible...Enjoy every moment...It passes by too quickly...

  5. Meghan, this was a wonderful post!! I loved reading it and your positivity radiates from it. :)

  6. Your heart thumps wildly ... love that, Meghan. The other night, my oldest couldn't sleep ... had been a little sick. She said she went through all the Bible stories in her head, and she fell asleep where Jesus tells the little children to come to me. Made my heart thump wildly, too! xo


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