Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It's Not Too Late for Summer Goals

Tomorrow is July! Can you believe it? {Why are we surprised by the passage of time?}

How are you doing on summer goals?

I always have a running to-do list, although I seldom write down seasonal goals. I have a mental list, even though that sometimes slips into the recesses of my consciousness.

So, goals? I'm talking about the big stuff, the once-a-year or once-every-five-years goals. What do you want to accomplish this summer? It's not too late!

I had three rather specific goals in mind {as well as a few other minor goals that correlate with the big ones}, and I'm woman enough to admit that I'm a little behind in all of them.

Goal: Prepare curriculum for the next school year {which we typically start right after the Fourth of July}.

Plan of Attack: The boxes of Abeka books that I ordered in April have been sitting in my entryway since they arrived. I probably should have opened them by now and begun my organization, but the only grade that truly needs prep work {primarily hole-punching for binders and highlighting lesson plans} in order to get the year started is tenth grade for my oldest. That I can work on piece by piece, including during the first few days of school. I feel more behind than I really am.

Goal: Start another novel aimed at Love Inspired Suspense.
Plan of Attack: First, I need to finish revising the current manuscript. Then, I can move forward with prayer and planning. It's only the beginning of July. With approximately 1,000 words per day, I can make a significant dent in a new story before mid-August.

Goal: Declutter!
Plan of Attack: Nearly every day I ask myself why we moved as much stuff as we did into the new house. I'm attacking this goal bit by bit, and I hauled to Goodwill a large load just this past Saturday. To keep myself going, I'm joining in with Ruth Soukup's Living Well Spending Less "31 Days to a Clutter-Free Life" challenge in July. I've never done this before, so I'm not sure that every single day her goal will apply to my specific situation. But surely just the daily email will motivate me to do SOMETHING. 

And SOMETHING is better than NOTHING, right?

How are you doing on your summer goals?

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  1. Something is definitely better than nothing! :-)

  2. Yes - even if I only get partway to a goal, that's further than I am right now. Though it seems like decluttering ALWAYS ends up on my goal list! :)

    1. Yes, decluttering is a constant need, I think, especially in a large family! :-)

  3. Oh Meghan, we haven't even finished last year's school, and I like to start in July. I haven't even made plans because I'm still caught up in last year. Ugh. Prayer appreciated!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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