Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mom, Incorporated

{Mother's Day flowers may still be blooming, but we're back to the daily routine. I'm reviving this post from May 1, 2013, as an encouragement to keep up the good work.}

Sometimes I look at my little household and imagine it to be a small business. My product is a fully-grown and functioning Christ-follower, ready to go forth in God's will, although the production takes several years. J

What if we moms were incorporated?

How would our business structure look? With our husbands as CEO, we moms would be the vice-presidents in charge of several different departments.

Accounts Payable – Depending on the involvement of our CEOs, this could include everything from the mortgage payment to a half-gallon of ice cream. In our corporation, I am responsible for all accounts payable because the CEO has delegated that to me. J

Accounts Receivable – We might check on the CEO’s direct deposit or dig the paystub out of the hamper. Sometimes funds are transferred between accounts. Perhaps we deposit whatever money we make with home or online business like Lilla Rose.

Information Technology – We moms monitor and maintain our family’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, perhaps even a blog.

Continuing Education/Training – If our products conduct their training outside the home, we make sure they have homework done, oversee special projects, and chauffeur to activities. If we conduct the education in-house, we oversee curriculum choices and the day-to-day implementation. We also conduct training exercises of all sorts, including cooking, cleaning, manners, basic courtesy, and emergency preparedness, just to name a few.

Efficiency Expert – This includes the physical organization of the corporation as well as the daily, weekly, and monthly schedules.

Manufacturing – Our involvement in this department varies. To date, I have rotated through this department for six nine-month intervals. If you have acquired your initial product elsewhere, your time in this department could be considerably longer, perhaps even involving an extensive overseas business trip.

Marketing/Public Relations – Are our products presentable when exiting the facility? Do smiles and behavior encourage others to think well of our corporation? This department can be fraught with trials, and perseverance is key to the Vice President’s success.

Materials Acquisition – Our corporations have various and ongoing needs, from cotton swabs to pancake syrup to dress socks. Of course, cost effectiveness is crucial in our acquisition, and comparison bids may be necessary to secure the best deal.

Research & Development – Is new furniture needed? Is a different training plan necessary for a more productive output or more efficiency? Which foods and activities at the holiday get-together will be best received by the attendees?

Transportation – The CEO is heavily involved in this department including purchases and repairs of the fleet, but the vice-president often spends considerable amounts of time ferrying the products between the different departments.

Take heart and be of good cheer, moms! The corporation couldn’t function without you.

In which of these departments do you spend the most time? Can you add any?

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  1. It would be good if we start a business like this. But we need to do hard work. Enjoyed reading!


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