Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What's Left on the New House? Too Many Projects to Count!

Since we moved in last November, took a break for Christmas, and then put up the page on this blog about Building Our Home, I wonder if you thought we were all done. J

My wishful thinking actually made me speculate that, just perhaps, when we moved in, we would be all done. At the very least, we would be reclining in the luxury of completion within five months. How foolish!

So, the projects continue, although at a much slower pace as we re-enter what feels like normal life. I think there will always be details {can I get an amen?! J}, but these are the relatively big things that still need completion.

Kitchen hearth with microhood. We planned a lower cabinet to hold the microwave, but it wasn't long before I realized my back would not allow the sideways bending and lifting of sometimes heavy dishes in and out of the microwave. So we need to bring our electrician back in to wire in a plug for a microwave. Then, we're going to build a fireplace/hearth look around it.

Fireplace stone and mantle. Yeah, white-painted drywall isn't that homey around a fireplace. We have several pallets we kept from various material deliveries, and I’m desperate for my handy hubby to make the mantle. Pinterest, here I come!

Bunk bed guard rails. We got the 15yo up in her top bunk, and now it's made me anxious to get the rest done.

Final grade and seed in the yard. Rain, rain, go away, come again after we have the dirt spread and the grass seed sown.... {Can I get an amen?! J}

Command center cabinets and countertop. The space isn't unusable, but it could look a ton better and be much more functional with the proper storage capacities. Ultimately, that means cabinetry and countertop that matches the kitchen. Of course, keeping the calendar up-to-date would help. Just keeping it real…. J

Hall closet doors. Well, the open space is forcing me to keep each one fairly tidy and organized. It’s amazing what you get used to seeing to the point of not noticing it anymore.

Five months in the new house, and we at least have the boxes unpacked. I count that as a victory!

It’s not perfect, and decorating will come in fits and spurts. I haven’t yet figured out a place for all the paper. But for the moment, we're just savoring the feeling of having one property, one landing place, one place to call home.

“Home is the nicest word there is.” ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder

What’s on your to-do list for your home?

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  1. Seems so hard to get it all done if you move in before is finished. We lived in a house that was no where near as finished as yours when we first married. We were desperate to move from living with my husband's mother for 6 months. LONG 6 months. Ha! It took us years to finish it all. My husband said next time he wanted a lock and key job. HAHAHA!!! We did about that the next we built too.

    Charlotte Moore

    1. Charlotte, I totally understand your need for your own house. :-) I'm okay with the wait to get more projects done. At least we're here. But would I build again? Hmmm....

  2. I think it's looking great. Your game cupboard looks like ours. Full!

    1. Yes, Rachel. I love it! There's usually a game in progress somewhere in the house. :-)

  3. I say well done. I moved into my house in October and there are still many things I have not yet accomplished. Way to go on getting done what you have.

    1. Thank you, Lexi. The planning and execution of a project can be just as exciting as having everything done. Enjoy your projects! :-)


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