Monday, April 27, 2015

Discovering a New-To-Me Romantic Suspense Author -- Buried Secrets Book Review #FCBlogger

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Few things in life are as exhilarating as having a new book to read. People within the pages are waiting for me to get to know them, settings are ready to be explored whether it be a leisurely stroll or a race against time, and the questions of what-comes-next challenge me.

But I confess to you today that even though I write romantic suspense, I have never read a book by Irene Hannon, bestselling author of more than forty-five novels. {I know, go ahead and gasp. 
J} I was happy to fill my coffee mug, curl up on the sofa, and get to know Chief of Police Lisa Grant and detective Mac McGregor within the pages of the book Buried Secrets.

Lisa was a homicide detective in Chicago, but a health issue plus a desire for a slower life filled with family motivated her to take the Chief of Police position in a small suburb in Missouri. Mac is an ex-Navy SEAL who also wanted to get out of the line of danger and live a quieter life as a detective. They meet over a shallow grave unearthed by a construction project.

I loved the attention to detail. Irene Hannon has done her research, and it tells in the story. The archeology and forensics of unearthing a 24-year old skeleton and then finding clues to the identity of the poor soul are fascinating to me. I would have gladly spent more time with the forensic anthropologist, but the story needed to move on.

Unfortunately, I didn't think the story moved on enough in the beginning. The suspense was slow enough in coming that by page 130, the suspense was mostly just the wondering of where the suspense was. However, once the story got moving, that lack in the first half of the book was more than made up for in the second half.

In the meantime, I got to know the characters. They were rich and developed, and I particularly appreciated the family interactions. Lisa's well-intentioned mother teases her about the handsome county detective. And Mac's two brothers, both in the military, come for a visit with plenty of good-natured banter and ribbing. {This is the first in a series called Men of Valor, and I suspect the next two books will be about Mac's two brothers.}

The villain was particularly interesting to me, her motivations and the level of preparation and attention to detail. I found myself grieving for the skewed vision of the world by the villain. What a contribution to the culture she could make if she would just accept Jesus Christ!

Have you read Irene Hannon? Who is your favorite romantic suspense author?

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