Friday, April 17, 2015

Can I Join the Amish? ~ The Love Letters Book Review #FCBlogger

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Confession: I have dreamed of running away to join the Amish. They seem to lead such simple lives (Jah?) without the concern of what to wear and what others will think, plenty of community, a lack of technology, and tons of gut food like homemade bread with homemade jam, sticky buns, and vegetables fresh from the garden. Not sure I’d want all that celery, but I do like my electricity. J

Of course, most of my knowledge of the Amish comes from carefully researched and crafted novels like The Love Letters by Beverly Lewis.

It’s a wonderful-gut story of a young Old Order Amish woman whose family is changing, yet she insists on remaining the same. Through the death of her grandfather and going to stay the summer with her Mennonite mother, the car accident of her Englisch sister and taking care of her little five-month-old niece, and her parents change to New Order Amish, she becomes confused of her faith and begins to seek the Lord in a way the Old Order frown upon. It’s the sweet story of a young woman finding her way in the world and receiving love letters from her Old Order beau back home. I’ve never thought of the Amish as having much disagreement when it comes to denominations. I mean, plain is plain, ain’t so? But ach, much conflict exists in every walk of life.

But it’s also a touching story of a disabled fourteen-year-old boy whose father struggles with accepting him as a working member of the farm. He befriends an Englischer who can’t remember exactly who he is or where he lives, an older man who lives nearly every moment to moment ferhoodled. As the boy and then his family take him in, his music and the love letters he carries in a satchel begin to affect all around him.

And the end? Well, I didn’t see that love letter coming. J

I’ve been struggling to find time to read recently, but I’ve been able to sip slowly from this novel, and the characters carried me through until the next time I could pick it up. I haven’t been disappointed by Beverly Lewis yet, and I’m happy to add this one to my Amish collection.

Would you like to be Amish with me? J

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  1. I love books and life of the Amish. When we moved from Ohio back in 2009, I knew this is what I was miss most. We lived about 20 minutes from Amish country.

    Hop over to my site and enter for a giveaway of a motherhood devotional.

    Thanks for sharing your book. Have a wonderful day.

    1. To live that close would be dreamy, to be able to reach out and nearly touch the peacefulness. Thanks, Amy. :-)

  2. I just got home from Amish country. It is always fun to visit.

    1. Did you come home with a full tummy, a quilt, a hand-made piece of furniture, peace in your heart? I agree, Jennifer, it is wonderful to visit Amish country! :-)

  3. I would be Amish, but my husband would HATE it. I read lots of Beverly Lewis books. I can never tell if I like them or not though LOL. The stories are always really good and make me want to keep reading, but the pacing seems really slow, so if I put it down for very long, I don't tend to pick it back up for awhile.

    I would love to live like the Amish, but I think it would be a HUGE adjustment.


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