Friday, March 6, 2015

What We’re Reading ~ March 2015

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We’ve just finished our library’s Winter Reading Program in February, so we’ve been reading a lot. And now we’ve gained momentum, so the reading seems only to be picking up the pace!

Every book read in the adult and teen program earned a ticket in a drawing, and the 13yo won gift cards to Amazon and Starbucks as well as a travel mug! Think she’ll share? J The Littles, in the children’s program, kept track of how much time they spent reading and ended the month with a restaurant coupon, a book bag, and a hardback children’s chapter book.

If you’re keeping up with the literature curriculum series, then you know I’ve been reading A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court as well as The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. I’ve talked enough about those books in other spots on this blog, but I also want to mention the contemporary fiction I’ve been devouring these past two days.

Isn’t the cover scrumptious? I think it draws me in because there aren’t any pictures on it. Just words. No images of what the cover artist thinks the characters or the setting look like. It’s all up to the reader’s imagination. The main character is a graduate student who’s about to age out of the group home/foster care system. Because of her hard life, she’s lost herself and her personality in books, specifically 19th century British literature – Austen, Bronte, Dickens – and finds it difficult to relate to others without disappearing into a novel character. A grant from the mysterious Mr. Knightley allows her to attend graduate school to study journalism, and she keeps him abreast of her progress through letters to his post office box.

The 15yo ~

The entire series has eight books in it. The 15yo found these Christian stories at the library and powered through them all in a couple of weeks. She says they were quite unique because she's never read of a man who was arrested and exiled to Australia. Then his family followed him, and their adventures take place in 1868 and 1869.

The 13yo ~

Jonathan Park: Return to Hidden Cave (Jonathan Park Adventure Fiction Book 3)

This series of books is based on the audio Jonathan Park series, but the 13yo likes reading the stories better because she can read the character's thoughts and see the author's point of view.

The 11yo ~

This is Book Ten in The Young Trib Force series. It's the same text as the kids books, but when they bundle three of the kids books together in one hard-back book, they call it Young Adult. J

The 11yo has two words ~ terribly exciting!

The 9yo ~

This is the eleventh in the Imagination Station Series published by Focus on the Family, and, no surprise here, the children have read every one. They are a great exploration of history in story form, all from a Christian perspective.

The 6yo and 4yo little boys ~

Apart from reading picture books aloud with parents and Bigs, the little boys have been fascinated by the latest issue of the Lego Club Magazine.

We all distract them eventually, or there are too many requests to go to the Lego store. J

Happy reading this weekend, whether it be cozied under a blanket or lounging on the beach!

What have you been reading lately?

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  1. Your 15 year old will love the Robert Elmer books! He has three series, and they are very interesting. We are currently reading Without You, There is No Us (a book about North Korea).

    1. We'll go searching for those, Mary. Thank you so much for the suggestion! :-)

  2. Everyone around here has a book going! Even the 3yo who will "read" to us from his favorite tractor book.

    1. I love it when even the littlest has a fave! :-)

  3. This was a great post for me, as we are always looking for new books :-) We are reading Tales from Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb just now.


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