Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Six Reasons I'm Looking Forward to Our First Homeschool Convention

Can you believe it? We've been homeschooling for ten years, and we've never been to a convention! 

But this weekend, we're heading to the Indiana Association of Home Educators homeschool convention

I'm already feeling overwhelmed and exceedingly excited, and here are six reasons why.

  1. Meeting new people, perhaps even some online friends. I met Cheryl Long of Treasures from a Shoebox at Homeschool Day at the State Capitol. Will I meet you there? J
  2. The exhibit hall. I've heard about curriculum fairs and whatnot, but I've never been. Do I need to warn my husband to keep the cash or credit card handy?
  3. Our governor, Mike Pence, will be there!! Even if we don't get to meet him, how thrilling is it to have a state governor attend a homeschooling convention???
  4. Sessions about homeschooling high school. I'm still in denial that I have a child in high school. When we began contemplating homeschooling, as long ago as when the 15yo was still a baby, I thought for sure we would not homeschool this far. I mean, who has the courage for that? J But here we are, with plenty of pluck and fortitude, and I want to make sure we have our ducks in a row when graduation and college application time roll around.
  5. Encouragement through fellowship with homeschooling families. Sometimes homeschooling doesn't come with much support, and I'm looking forward to meeting and conversing with others who have the same {crazy} commitment and nerdy love of school that we do.
  6. The speakers. Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis. Todd Wilson, The Familyman. Dean Butler, who played Almonzo Wilder on the Little House on the Prairie television series. Ooh, Manly! J Why, yes, we are bringing Farmer Boy and the later seasons of the TV show for him to autograph. Many other wonderful speakers I don’t have room to list here!

I have goosebumps just thinking of it!

So let me have it…your good advice for what to do or see at a homeschool convention. J Thank you!

Do you attend a homeschool convention in your state?

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  1. I've been attending home school conventions since I was a girl (being homeschooled from 6th grade through high school) but this year I am attending as a homeschool mom for the first time!!!! Our oldest will start first grade in the fall. It will be a strange turn-about I'm sure. I love homeschool conventions. They are great to get new ideas, inspiration, and encouragement. I assume your children are going too?! They will enjoy it as well. It was always so much fun to come home and look through all the new catalogs and delve into new books purchased. Brings back memories and makes me anxious for June when I can go to my convention! Have fun!!!
    PS - take both cash and credit card!!! ;) Seriously, some smaller companies prefer cash or check and no one ever wants to pay atm fees!!!

    1. Thank you for the great advice, Jody! Children are coming, and there are some great sessions for the children as well. Can't wait!! :-)

  2. I have never been to a convention, and my kids are not even school aged yet but i am a big proponent of home schooling.i have worked in public schools for a dozen years and hence.....why I promote homeschool. the decision makers in public education do not care about children or learning imho. So yay for you, for homeschooling!

    1. Thank you, thank you, for that encouragement! Blessings to you! :-)

  3. Stop by and see us! We will be running the Doorposts' booth. I LOVE our convention! The sessions and speakers are always spot on (and just what I need to hear), getting to look and handle curriculum before I buy it is a huge plus (I'm nerdy like that), and the camaraderie of being gathered with others who are, as you said, brave enough and crazy enough to do this thing, is a big boost of encouragement. Have a grand time at your first convention Carver family!


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