Friday, March 20, 2015

The One Where School and Life Resume ~ Homeschool Week Wrap-Up

Happy Friday! J 

Happy first day of Spring! {Don't fret. That photo was taken a couple of weeks ago.}

It has been some kind of two weeks! Or has it been three weeks since I’ve posted an update?
The first two weeks of March were Spring Break. My husband’s Spring Break was the second week of March, so we always take that time off. This year, we decided to take advantage of our annual passes before they expired. Guess where we went?

SeaWorld! J

It was wonderful to get away and have a break. Our family loves to travel, but with house building, we hadn’t really been away for two years. It was mind-boggling how little luggage our family of eight needed for a week, but we did do laundry throughout. The drive home was long ~ approximately 17 hours ~ and we took Monday off school so we could sleep in and unpack.

Monday night, in the middle of supper, we heard some thumping and bumping in the house. An investigation revealed a couple of inches of water in the basement! While we were gone and the snow was melting, something happened to the sump pump so that it didn’t pump out the water. My husband’s explanation is that the ejection hose held the tether switch down and didn’t allow it to kick on. A wee bit of panic ensued, but it was quickly remedied. The 15yo jumped up to clean up supper. The 13yo corralled the little boys upstairs to read books so they wouldn’t stand in the basement doorway. The 11yo fetched the flashlight and push broom for my husband. The 9yo helped clean up and then proceeded with her bath on her own. I was impressed with their thoughtfulness of what needed to be done and their calmness as it proceeded. This weekend, we’ll most likely purchase a dehumidifier. My husband’s also going to shorten the sump pump hose so that doesn’t happen again.

Tuesday was back to school. It’s always a little tough getting back to the routine and the productivity, and school on Tuesday and Wednesday went late into the afternoon.

Thursday, we resumed our library day. The 15yo and the 11yo needed to find some references for papers that are due in a few weeks, although I think the 11yo’s paper will turn into a big lapbook. They are writing about England and Ireland, respectively, so that’s definitely not going to help my travel bug. J

On the blog this week…

Finishing our home this week…

The clock is ticking to get the final grade and seed done in the yard as well as a platform {not just steps} outside the back slider, so my husband has been digging in the dirt. Lots of rocks and bits of brick need to get cleared away before a couple of loads of dirt can be brought in. Rain is expected tomorrow, so that will halt the progress. Like in so many areas of life, we’ll just keep plugging and praying along. J

God is good, all the time! Have a wonderful weekend!

How was your week?

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  1. Nice yo all could get away. I am sure everyone enjoyed it.

    Water in the basement will get yo moving fast every time. Been there done that. Not fun either.

    Charlotte Moore


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