Monday, March 9, 2015

Prithee, Take Ye Pen and Parchment for Writing ~ A Connecticut Yankee Writing Assignments {High School Literature Curriculum Series}

Hey, y’all! Let’s keep this short so y’all can get to work. Sound good?


Excuse me.

Forsooth! Let us keepeth this brief as such to allow that ye may attend to thy labors. What say ye?
I pray thee, how doth thee attend to thy reading? Wither it goest well?

As cool as that sounds, it is difficult to write. Bravo to Mark Twain!

I have two possible writing assignments for  A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.


Write a tale of knights and ladies in the same style as Sandy. Can you fill it with words like perchance and forsooth? Try for at least two pages, and have fun!


“You see, he was going for the Holy Grail. The boys all took a flier at the Holy Grail now and then. It was a several years' cruise. They always put in the long absence snooping around, in the most conscientious way, though none of them had any idea where the Holy Grail really was, and I don't think any of them actually expected to find it, or would have known what to do with it if he had run across it.” ~ Mark Twain

Research the Holy Grail. Describe what it is and where it might be. It is important to believers or not? State your case and argue it persuasively.

And so, fair maiden or sir, whichsoever ye may be, take up thy squib and dip in ink. Do thy level best and so attain the ultimate reward of a merry heart, satisfied with thine own efforts.


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