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With This Will, I Do Hereby Give ~ Little Women Writing Assignments and Sample

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My two oldest daughters and I had a Reading Night Out last week, and we spent most of our supper time discussing Little Women. {The 13yo read it last year just because she wanted to. J} As it turned out, the 15yo didn’t miss the dragons at all. My own tomboy Jo admitted, somewhat begrudgingly, that she really liked it. The girls agreed, though, that they wanted Jo to marry Laurie. What about you?

So let’s write a little bit about Little Women. I have two possible questions for an essay assignment, because it’s always good to get thoughts and analysis down on paper.

First ~

Each of the March sisters had a very unique personality. Write a paragraph for each sister, discussing how her personality affected her choices, her values, her mannerisms, and her interaction with her mother and sisters. Write a fifth paragraph discussing with which sister you identify the most and why. For male students, let’s concentrate on Laurie. With which parts of Laurie's personality or experience did you identify? How so or how not?

Second ~

While Amy is exiled to Aunt March’s during Beth’s illness, she begins to worry over her own eventual demise. As an act of preparation, she writes her will. Study it carefully, and then write your own will, listing each possession, who should receive it, and why.

Would you like to read excerpts of my daughter’s? The 15yo chose to write her will in the same fashion as Amy. I've replaced the names of her siblings with my usual monikers...just because.

I, the 15yo, do hereby give everything listed below to the persons following.

To Daddy -- I give my Strong's Concordance, my half of the Settlers of Catan expansion pack (I hope he can win now), and my book The Indian in the Cupboard with wishes that he will read it again.

To Mommy -- I give her my Bible. I also give her my kindle, and I hope she'll enjoy all the Ballantyne books on it. And lastly I give her Holly's Heart and my owl bag, since she wanted one of her own.

To the 13yo -- I give ... half my Polly Pockets, Vanilla (take good care of her), and the girly books on my bunkshelf, save for Holly's Heart.

To the 11yo -- I give all the rest of the books on my bunkshelf as well as my share of the Hardy Boys books. I also give to him the care of my cacti.

I give to the 9yo -- The other half of my Polly Pockets and my gel pens.... 

To the 6yo -- I give half of my Legos and my safe.... I also give him Mr. Squishy and Creationary.

To the 4yo -- I give him my piggy bank along with all the money in it, the other half of my Legos....

And now, hoping that all will be happy, please no fighting!

Written on the 14th of February, 2015.


Witnesses: _____________________ _____________________________

With which March sister {or Marmee} do you identify? Why? Did you enjoy Little Women? Will you go on to read Little Men?

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  1. I love the idea of a will. It really gives you some insight into what your child is thinking. :)

    1. Ooh, Jennifer, I hadn't thought of that, but yes! Maybe I should give that assignment to the others as well.... :-)

  2. As a young teen, I was heart-broken that Jo didn't marry Laurie. I just couldn't understand why Laurie and Amy ended up together. I wasn't sold on Jo's professor husband until I read Little Men, and began to understand some of her deeper aspirations. I don't think Laurie's character is as fully developed as the girls. Interesting to look back on my young reactions. Thanks for sharing this post!

    1. I, also, wanted Jo to marry Laurie, but now I understand Marmee's view that they aren't well-suited. Someday, perhaps my children will see that as well. Good point about Little Men. I remember reading that years ago and seeing that the Jo-Professor Bhaer match was a good one. Thanks for your comments! :-)


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