Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Six Essentials for a {Better} Homeschool Day

It started with a simple picture of tiny dinosaurs lined up on the table as my 9yo was working on school.

I shared it to Facebook, and my friend Sarah Coller from Hope in Every Season commented that the dinosaurs were essential to a homeschool day.

Her simple comment started my wheels a-turning. What other things in our day felt essential in order to label it as good?

We don’t have them everyday. Just when a mood-lifter, a little pick-me-up, is needed. Or maybe when someone is feeling a little quirky, funny, or just plain weird. {You know we homeschoolers excel at weirdness. J}

Fun things. Cute things. Little niceties that make our circumstances more appealing. They are not required by the world of academia, but they're like the spoonful of sugar that makes the medicine go down.

1. Animals and friends that accompany us on our journey through learning. 

2. Treats. Need to keep that blood sugar up. J 

3. Laughter. What makes you laugh can be as individual as you are. Maybe it’s the baby blowing raspberries. Maybe it’s the antics of the toddler. Maybe it’s a story the 9yo is reading aloud. Maybe it’s the 11yo mispronouncing a word he’s never heard pronounced before…as long as he’s laughing, too.

4. Pretty pencils, pens, and notebooks. When I was in public grade school, my mother let me send away for the school supply kits with the form provided by the maker of Meow Mix. Do you remember those? A little plastic case, a couple of pencils, an eraser, perhaps a sticker, all for a few proof-of-purchases of their cat food. How fun it was to receive that in the mail! It was even more fun to take it to school and admire my Meow Mix pencil in between writing answers on a paper.

5. Ambiance. For us, this means a candle on the table and another on the breakfast bar. Calm. A focus for brainstorming and moments of concentration.

6. Costumes. Learning addition is so much more fun when the 9yo can pretend she's a princess. Phonics is just plain easier when the 6yo is a turtle.

Just one more…a bonus essential for Mom. J

What niceties do you like throughout the day?

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  1. Oh, I wish my days went the way yours appear to go. My 6 year old refuses school on most days and my four year old is behind on learning. My older kids are self taught for the most part, but won't hesitate to omit a lesson from the plan. :) I really like the final picture though. It's an image similar to mine on some mornings. Very nice...Thanks for sharing.

    1. Every family has difficult moments, Rachel. Thank you for stopping in. Praying for you, friend! :-)

  2. I love every bit of this! :) Costumes are essential here too!

  3. Perfect, I love the peaceful felling here!

  4. Yes I am with you 100%, you're a woman after my own heart!

  5. Just letting you know that this post is among this week's featured, and will be shared across my social media sites. Thanks for linking up. :)


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