Friday, February 6, 2015

The One that’s Hodgedy-Podgedy but Still Blessed ~ Homeschool Week Wrap-Up

Happy Friday! J

Whew! Can you believe we made it to the weekend? Without anything momentous happening, this week has felt all hodgedy-podgedy. I’m glad we’re welcoming Friday today.

Monday morning, the 15yo came to me, complaining of a shimmering in a small quadrant of her vision, which turned into a headache. We’d just had her to the eye doctor for a thorough examination, so she drank a lot of water, rested, and took some acetaminophen. It was gone by mid-day, just in time for me to lose hearing in my right ear for a couple of hours. It sounded like I was in a tunnel. I'm wondering if there is some odd type of bug going around. See? Hodgedy-podgedy.

Monday afternoon, the girls made cookies to contribute to a funeral dinner on Tuesday, and we all stopped by the viewing that evening. The woman was only 72 and left behind a husband, four children with spouses, and multiple grandchildren. It was difficult to get through, and all I wanted to do after was hug on my babies. No one knows when the end will come.

Caught! "But Mom, it's for a book report! And it takes place in something like 1823, so that's history. Right?"

Tuesday felt long. With the hoopla of Monday over and yet still a few days from the weekend, Tuesdays always feel long. It seemed a good time for a little treat.

Most of Wednesday was spent in anticipation of another few inches of snow that was predicted for late afternoon. Cozy little lamps and twinkle lights and piles of books and mugs readied for hot chocolate.

But the snow didn’t pan out like it was supposed to. We got an inch or so, but nothing fluffy and snowball-worthy. No surprise there, considering the winter we’re having, and disappointment lay as thick on us as the snow was supposed to be. J


Thursday, all was normal, and we proceeded to the library as usual. Whew!

But that afternoon, when my husband came home from work, he decided to turn off the water and hook up the water softener and dishwashers. A worthy goal, for sure. Three hours later, as I’m finishing putting the final touches on this post, he’s working to stop leaks…with the water turned off. Not sure yet if we’ll need the professionals tomorrow or not, but I’m pretty sure he’ll figure it out. J He’ll keep working at it until it’s done.

Hodgedy-podgedy…but still blessed and grateful for faith, family, and homeschooling.

I’m reading…

Unglued: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions by Lysa TerKeurst. I’m not usually a joiner, so I didn’t go along with the blogosphere hoopla when it released. But the title was so intriguing and the kindle price just right, that I’m now 62% through it. I’m not an exploder or a stuffer, so I can’t say that part resonated with me. But the section about her children arguing over their coloring placemats that will just be thrown away later while many suffer on Skid Row and refuse help from the Dream Center?

“The gift I got was perspective on how blessed I am and how my problems really do pale in comparison. But I also experienced a fresh working of God’s power. It’s real. It’s real for the people at the Dream Center. It’s real for the people on Skid Row. And it’s real for the unglued woman and her kid-placemat life as well.” ~ Unglued

Oh, girlfriend. Our family reads missionary books every year. How many times have I said to my children that they ought not argue over the little things when we just read about orphans in Kenya scrambling to eat rotten vegetables that had been thrown in the dirt?

Why do we let ourselves get exercised over the trivial matters?

Even hodgedy-podgedy is still blessed.

Here’s where I climb off my soapbox and return to the regularly scheduled blog post….

The 15yo has started Little Women for our literature curriculum. Will you be reading along? Discussion questions will be posted on Monday!!! {Are those enough exclamation marks to convey my enthusiasm for discussing literature?}

Have a terrific weekend, and enjoy your indoor plumbing! J

How was your week? For what are you grateful this weekend?

P.S. My husband got the dishwashers hooked up and the leaks fixed, and we were rewarded for our patience with supper out. J

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  1. Oh we love hot cocoa! My week was crazy and could barely get dinner on the table. I find that when kids sometimes have problems with vision, it may even be from dehydration. I'm visiting from Weekly Wrap Up.

    1. We wondered about dehydration, Nita. She immediately started drinking lots of water and hasn't stopped all week. :-) Too bad hot cocoa doesn't hydrate! Thanks so much for visiting and have a terrific weekend.

  2. We had a good quiet week. I'm trying to be more intentional about reading to my little ones even when I'm so busy with school with the older ones. It felt good to read some old favourites.

    1. The little ones just soak that up, don't they, Jennifer? I love reading aloud, and I need to be more intentional as well. Thanks for the comment (and the nudge)! :-)

  3. The shimmering sounds very typical of a migrane to me. Migranes often involve visual 'artifacts' such as shimmering lights, streaks, dots or other distortion of objects, and they can also be brought about by hormonal changes. Just putting that out there!


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