Friday, January 23, 2015

The One Full of Miscellaneous Tidbits ~ Homeschool Week Wrap-Up

Happy Friday! J

Monday, my husband was off work for Martin Luther King Day. You know what that means.

Field trip!!

Guess where we went? One of our favorites!

A little school in the van, just to make sure we don't fall behind.

"Aw, Mom, can we keep him?"

Dinosaur hunters!

Tuesday was back to a regular schedule with a few breaks thrown in. 

Watching the lava lamp blob during a school break. “Can this be science, Mom?” J

The 13yo ~ “School is better when you’re sitting in a recliner.”

This week, as we worked on organizing the boys’ closet, we found the costumes. So by Wednesday morning, we had a princess and Spiderman sitting at our table.

Thursday evening, the girls and I went to a baby shower for a friend from church who is expecting triplets. Triplets!! All natural, too. J And as if that isn’t enough excitement, there’re identical! What a rare occurrence!

We started school at home in the morning then finished it at the library. After the library…baby girl shopping!

{Do I dare to share that baby fever has struck our house? The children want a little sister. I tell them, “I'm good with that. Talk to God.” J}

On the blog this week…

Creating a High School Literature Curriculum…Post by Post {Mondays} – I’m going to lead my ninth grader through a few classics in the second half of the school year. I’ll be sharing our discussion questions on the blog and would love for you to join in.

I’m reading…

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. {Affiliate link.} It’s first up in our literature study.

I haven’t read this since I was perhaps thirteen. Now, with so much growing up in the in-between years and approaching it now with the perspective of mother and not just girl, it seems an entirely different book…wonderfully so. I may need to reread this one on a somewhat annual basis.

Have a terrific weekend!

How was your week?

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  1. Doing school in costume brings back so many memories - my two used to do this too! It makes me a little sad and nostalgic since this is my last semester with my 18 yo. Next year is going to be so strange with both off at college (still at home, but going to college! :-) That's amazing that your friend is having identical triplets and the baby gifts are adorable! I'm planning to start Little Women this weekend ... I haven't read it since I was about 13-14 either so i can't wait to appreciate it now that I'm in a new season of life! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Dinosaur Hunters! Books about dinosaurs are favourites here. I'm saying the same thing to my children about another baby. :) It's nice when they're happy for you to have another. I am really looking forward to your posts on literature.


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