Friday, December 12, 2014

The One Where We Plod Through until Break ~ Homeschool Week Wrap-Up

Merry Christmas Break!

This week, we’ve hurried through the school work because Christmas Break is coming. A couple of extra lessons have been completed so that tests won’t hang over to January and a couple of papers put off until the day we return. In the meantime, the studying has been sweetened a bit with candy canes.

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A cup of coffee always encourages this mama! J

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I’ve been increasingly unhappy with our choice of literature curriculum for the ninth grader. She’s reading excerpts, not entire books, including stories from Winnie the Pooh. Seriously?? I love the classics and have a B.A. in Literature, so I’m toying with the idea of putting together my own high school literature curriculum. It sounds fun and challenging…but also time-consuming. In a brief google search, I found something that looked pretty terrific for a fairly reasonable price considering it covers four years. I think I’ll take the Christmas holiday to think and pray and talk with our school principal.

{A question for my homeschooling readers: If I put together a reading list/literature curriculum, is that something you would be interested in? Perhaps free for email subscribers? Or if I purchase something, would you appreciate a review? Thanks for your input!}

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We’ve been watching the 15yo’s Christmas cactus bloom. It was a scrawny cutting from my mom’s plant. Then, not long after we brought it home, the pot tipped, and it lost some dirt. The 15yo has watered it fairly consistently, but I most definitely do not have a green thumb, so she was on her own. Now, I think she must have the green thumb of the family. Isn’t it a blessing to see your children’s gifts and interests emerge?

For nearly a month, we’ve been plodding through with only a glimpse of the sun a couple of times. We often wished it would snow, but at least the twinkle lights looked terrific.

Then Thursday…ta-da!! 

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My Facebook post revealed my wonderment ~
“But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?” It is the sun, which we have so grievously mourned nigh upon three weeks. {Part Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, part me.}

On the blog this week…

I’m reading…

I skip around a lot during the holidays. Wednesday night, I finished Debby Giusti’s Mission: Christmas Rescue, a Love Inspired Suspense novella that’s part of the Holiday Defenders collection.

Thursday afternoon, I started Camille Elliot’s Regency novella, The Spinster’s Christmas, which is part of the  Mistletoe Kisses collection.

Building our home this week…

Still putting up closet shelving. J This week, the girls’ closet. The picture isn’t exciting, but you’ll see that we’re separating the closets into individual areas and hanging tons of extra shelving. {Oops…the other end of the closet, not in the photo, is all shelving from floor to ceiling.}

Have a terrific weekend! J

How was your week?

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  1. I would definitely be interested in reading what you have to say (or your ideas) about a literature curriculum. For my high schoolers, I have had to put together my own, as well. It is a bit more difficult with boys who are not at all enthusiastic readers, but I am trying! :-)

    1. Literature is a foundation for all of life. Keep trying, Lisa. You're a terrific homeschooler! :-)

  2. Didn't get any of the pics except the closet. )-:

    Charlotte Moore

    1. So sorry, Charlotte! I've reposted to fix the problem. Thank you!

  3. I would also be interested in a review or book list you put together for a literature curriculum. I have used Sonlight and Classical Conversations for our high schoolers in the past and my youngest will be in 9th grade next year.

    1. Thank you, Amy! My 15yo has a list of books she wants to read, including many classics, but I need to group them for her into age/grade level. That's how this started, and now it's snowballing. :-)


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