Friday, November 28, 2014

Streamlining Christmas Shopping for My Children

As you read this, I may or may not be Black Friday shopping. I haven’t decided yet as of the time of this writing. J

I went once, many years ago, by myself, in the dark and the cold, before I started drinking coffee…. It was lonely, and I never wanted to go again.

But now I have two teen girls who want to go with me. We could talk as we drive and people watch and drink hot chocolate. Together.

Relationship-building, not just shopping.

But I’m also thinking of going because my husband and I have streamlined our gift-giving decision-making process. Last Christmas, we gave each child only four gifts. I had found on Pinterest that cute {and convicting!} image that suggested each child receive something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read.

Four gifts per child at Christmas = plenty!

{This pin on my Pinterest board includes a link to a blog called Ladies Holiday, but I can't find their original post with this image. If you know how I can better give credit for this idea and image, please let me know.}

There’s plenty of creativity in those categories, though.

Something they want ~ Only your budget is the limit! J
Something they need ~ Cute stationary? Spiderman undies? Snow boots or pants? A kindle? A purse or bag?
Something to wear ~ Shoes? Fashion boots? A watch? A Lilla Rose hair accessory? A crossbody bag? That snazzy jacket they’ve been wanting?
Something to read ~ A magazine subscription? A cookbook? A kindle? A library card?

Have fun brainstorming!


While we’re on the topic of Black Friday, I want to let you know of a couple of great online deals. {Affiliate link ahead. J}

First, Amazon, for this weekend only, has Kindles marked down to $49! My oldest daughter has been on the fence about getting one, but she’s finally decided that it would be good for traveling and taking advantage of all the free and marked down books available. She’s been wanting to get one with her own money, but at that price, I think I’ll make it a Christmas gift. Would you keep the secret for me? J 

Second, the Lilla Rose Black Friday sale goes all weekend, and everything is on sale! Any of those beautiful hair accessories would fit in the categories of something you need, something you want, or something you wear. J

Shop my online store here.

Have a terrific weekend!

Are you Black Friday shopping? Or staying home in the warmth? Or decorating for Christmas?

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  1. I didn't go out ... but a store about 20 miles away has some cute boots on sale ... boy, I sure want to go. Just not sure if I want to brave the crowds. And since it's already 2pm ...?? :)

    I love the four gift rule ... really love it.

    1. Hmmm...might be worth 20 miles for cute boots, Shelli. :-)


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