Friday, October 24, 2014

The Post That’s Mostly Wedding Photos ~ Homeschool Week Wrap-Up

Happy, glorious Friday!! J

The highlight of the past week truly was my Mom’s wedding last Saturday. Mom seemed amazed most of the day that a woman of her age would find companionship again, and the atmosphere was fun and casual. The bride wore blue, the same color she wore in 1957 for her first wedding. J

Mr. & Mrs.

The service was held in the chapel of the mega-church where Mom and her new husband attend. The weather was cloudy before the service and rainy in between the service and the reception. It didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits, though, and the candles seemed to twinkle extra in the gloom. Quite frankly, the lack of sunshine was probably best for the bride’s macular degeneration. J

Manning the guest book.


Flower girl.

Ring bearers.
Weddings are a great time for a family photo.

The reception was held at the home of a friend from the church’s senior group. The home was warmly decorated in light wood and pumpkins, and the fireplace glowed cheerily. My brother took most of the photos from the reception. The only one I have is of Grandma teaching a granddaughter a piano duet.


On Monday, school continued on as usual, but we made time for a bit more outside play. Fall is our favorite season for that, since temperatures are cooler and you don’t turn into a puddle of perspiration. Autumnal colors brighten up the afternoon. Praying mantises and walking sticks abound.

On the blog this week…

Building our home this week…

We finally have a Certificate of Occupancy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband now adds a check-mark to his life bucket list. J

There are still a ton of details inside, and we need dirt and grass seed outside. But the house is habitable! We’re praising the Lord for His faithfulness and His guidance through this entire process. I’m not done blogging about it, though…. J

Have a blessed weekend, friend!

How was your week?

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  1. What great pictures of the family. Thanks for sharing!!!!

    Thank the LORD you got your final permit. That was a big relief I am sure. Moving date has to be pretty soon. (-:

    Charlotte Moore

    1. It is a ginormous relief, Charlotte, and still a bit mind-boggling that we actually figured it all out. husband mostly. :-) What a guy!

  2. How exciting about the certificate! I know you'll be glad when everything is completed. I love the pictures, you have a beautiful family.

    1. It's hard to imagine a day when everything is done, Lori. :-) But every step is a cause for celebration! Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Oh, so sweet! They look very happy! I love the blue too! Great choice! And wonderful family photo! Blessings for their marriage!


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