Friday, October 3, 2014

A City Full of Fabulous Free Field Trips ~ Homeschool Weekend Wrap-Up

Welcome back and happy Friday, friend! J

Can you guess which city is full of fabulous, free field trip destinations?

You got it. St. Louis!

If you are anywhere within a reasonable driving distance to St. Louis, it is definitely worth the trip. 

Last weekend, as I attended a writers conference, my husband and children explored the Forest Park area of St. Louis. They took hundreds of photos, but you don’t have time for that. J I’ll share just a few to give you a taste.

Of course, there is the St. Louis Arch. To go up in the arch costs $5 to $10 per person. But the museum at the base of the arch is free and fabulous, the Museum of Westward Expansion.

The St. Louis Zoo is ranked third in the nation. A few special treats inside the zoo have a cost, and parking may cost in season. But we were there the last weekend in September, and parking was free.

The St. Louis Science Center is not large, and my husband, the college physics minor and computer scientist, was a bit disappointed. But from a child’s perspective, there are a few neat things to see and do. Of course, a few special exhibits have a cost, like the planetarium. The camera battery died en route to the science center, so I have no photos. J

I was able to go to the St. Louis Art Museum with the fam. It was truly fabulous, but I love art museums anyway. We enjoyed a picnic lunch out front, overlooking a large grass-and-fountain area.

The weekend we were there, St. Louis was also filled with lots of great authors for the writers conference I attended while the family field-tripped. There was a bit of mingling, though, in the lobby. Can you imagine the girls’ giddiness at meeting Lauraine Snelling, author of some of their favorite horse books?

I also had my first-ever Starbucks at the conference. {I know I’m behind the times. Don’t laugh. J Okay, maybe a giggle. Or two.} Can you believe that I broke out of my shell and asked Deborah Raney what I should get??? She is as effervescent and friendly as she appears on Facebook. And I’m definitely hooked on the white chocolate mocha she recommended. J

I had breakfast with Debby Guisti of Love Inspired Suspense and Janet Dean of Love Inspired Historical. What sweet and encouraging women!

Before the weekend was over, I also finally met Cynthia Ruchti and she snapped a terrific selfie of us.

What a weekend! By Monday evening back home, I was falling asleep in my supper.

But for us moms, sometimes that’s par for the course. J

Have you been to St. Louis? What else is free there that we missed?

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  1. Meghan, I love hearing and seeing all about your trip. We love the zoo ... visit every one that we can. It looks like y'all had a wonderful time! Blessed by you, Shelli

    1. Zoos are so much fun, Shelli! It was a great time for all, even though we went our separate ways for most of it. :-) Wouldn't it be terrific to meet in Dallas next year?

  2. Looks like you had a nice time. We have been there many times. You all went by our exit. You should have stopped and said Hi. Would have loved to see you .

    1. It's definitely a do-able distance. Now that we know what all is there, I think we're going to have to go again. :-)

  3. St Louis is a fabulous place for family vacations! Looks like you all had a wonderful time. The zoo is absolutely our favorite zoo. We were not able to visit the art museum on our last visit, so I'm hoping to get back again soon.

    1. The children took so many pictures at the zoo that I just didn't have room for, including the habitats to show me all the neat waterfalls, etc. :-) I was surprised at the size of the art museum...2 1/2 floors!

  4. I've taken the kids to all those but the art museum. Gotta check it out next time. Blessings to you!

  5. What a totally special occasion to get to go to this conference. You sure must have had fun with your children at the museum. We have driven past the arch going to MO. My daughter went up in the arch with friends last year. Fun!!


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