Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Growing Up Duggar Book Review by the 14yo {and giveaway winner!}

I’m one of those {mean J} mothers that tell their children what to read every once in a while. I always oversee, but sometimes I assign. When I read the Duggar girls’ book, I knew I wanted my children to read it as well at some point during their teen years.

The book is conversational in tone, and it only took my daughter a day or two to zip through it. As I read, I added tabs to the side to mark particular passages that I’d like to mull over or discuss with my husband or daughter. There are a ton! J

On to my daughter’s thoughts ~

The subtitle says it all: It’s all about relationships. The Duggar girls stress the point that relationships are very important. They write about their relationships with themselves, their parents, siblings, friends, boys, our country, our culture, and the world. They challenge the reader to strengthen present relationships, and in some cases, when not to pursue them.

Throughout the book, they share their goals, their accomplishments, and their defeats, as well as true stories and real-life pictures.

This book proved to me that the Duggars are human too. They aren’t only the fun, happy family on TV; they have fears, problems, and troubles just like the rest of the world. That is one of the reasons I enjoyed this book so much. I feel like I can relate to them better.

Another reason I enjoyed it was that it seemed to me that my family and theirs are quite similar. We have a lot of the same standards, and we have a lot of fun like they do. 

I liked that it was not only about the Duggar girls, but there were also a few instances from their parents’ and even their grandmother’s growing up years.

I would love to meet them because they are very friendly, and I think we would get along well. After reading Growing Up Duggar, I feel like I know them already.


And now the winner of The Amish Bride by Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould!

{I put all the entries in my coffee mug with “grateful for God’s unfailing love” printed on the inside. Grateful for all of you and your entries as well! J}

The winner is…


Congratulations! All I need is your smail mail address, and I’ll get it in the mail to you this week. You can email me through my contact page.

Have you read Growing Up Duggar? Any nuggets of wisdom you care to share from it?

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  1. Great review---thanks! This is going on Lynzie's Christmas list. :)

  2. This is on my daughters' Christmas list. Am glad to see a review if it, though I trust the Duggars.

    1. I understand completely, Becki. I trust the Duggars as well, but I still read it first. :-)

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Duggar girls' book! I've been interested in it myself, as a young lady. Perhaps I should pick it up sometime.

  4. This sounds like an interesting book. I'll see if our library is getting it.

  5. I am reading this book right now and am very impressed. I also thought it was nice to see the real side of the Duggar Family, that the kids don't always get along and they do act like normal children. When my daughters are a little older I am going to have them read this book as well!


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