Friday, September 12, 2014

Twenty-Two Reasons I Love My Husband

I’ve ditched the Homeschool Mother’s Journal post for today and, in fact, any post related to homeschooling to work on something bigger and better.

I’m sitting at the computer at 12:03 in the morning, writing a completely new post, because the Spirit whispered to me, sweetly and softly. Even though I didn’t want to do it, I knew I needed to.

Today is our wedding anniversary. Twenty-two years ago, I looked into the tear-filled eyes of my love and promised to cherish and love and honor. We didn’t have a big or fancy wedding. We aren’t fancy people.

But we promised. So we have….

Until we had children {lots of them} and we both wanted graduate education {multiple degrees} and then we built a house. Oh, boy.

Correction: We ARE building a house. Still. Building. To be perfectly blunt, it’s not been easy. In these last few months, it’s been downright difficult. Not just the house-building. The maintenance of a marriage.

We know that this, too, shall pass. The relationship will bounce back to its former state of bliss.

But today, I needed the exercise of writing twenty-two reasons I love my husband.

  1. He loves Jesus, and he’s not ashamed of it.
  2. He drives us all to church, sits in the pew with us, drives us home, and then we often talk about what we heard/learned.
  3. He lets me cry on his shoulder.
  4. He works hard to provide so that I can be home with the children.
  5. He loves homeschooling and encourages us all the time.
  6. He teaches/mentors the children any time the opportunity arises…and there are a lot of opportunities, many of his own making. J
  7. He tells me I’m beautiful, when no one else ever had.
  8. He watches Pride & Prejudice with me.
  9. He seeks God’s will for our family.
  10. He likes to go grocery shopping together.
  11. He’s building a house we designed together.
  12. He laughs at my jokes.
  13. He tells pretty good jokes himself.
  14. His knowledge of math and science balance out my knowledge of English and literature.
  15. He likes to travel.
  16. He reads the Bible.
  17. He supports and encourages my writing and pursuit of publication.
  18. He changes diapers.
  19. He tells our daughters they are beautiful.
  20. He plays games with a good attitude.
  21. He understands and accepts my introversion.
  22. He knows how to use a carpet cleaner, and he isn’t afraid it will lessen his masculinity. J

You are my witness.

To continue to have and to continue to hold, from this day forward, until death parts us, I will love, honor, and cherish my husband.

Amen and amen.

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  1. That was just beautiful, Meghan. I love reading posts like this when a woman has been married many years and still talks like this about her husband. One kind of expects an engaged/newlywed woman to write this kind of thing, but a lot of others don't. I'm glad you chose to write this. I don't know you or your family, but I have your blog saved on Feedly. I read a lot of Christian fiction books and have read your comments on many other blogs. I'll be watching for your book when it gets published!

  2. That was encouraging, Meghan. Your husband sounds like a good example of a Godly man for your boys and the type of man your daughters should be looking for. Congrats on your anniversary!

  3. That's beautiful, Meghan. You are both wonderfully blessed and though I'm still single I'm encouraged to read about other ladies that have been blessed with a long lasting marriage and glean all the wisdom they have to share.

  4. Very good!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! We had our 47th this past April.

    Charlotte Moore

  5. Congrats to you & your hubby! What a great example you are to the faithfulness of a Godly wife. Admitting that marriage is hard work & working on it (we celebrated 37 yrs. in June so I know that it takes work from both parties). You will be truly blessed by honoring your husband.

  6. Congratulations on this wonderful milestone!

  7. Awesome post! Congrats on the anniversary and thank you for sharing.

  8. I've been blowing my nose all day because of allergies, and now at the end of the day, I'm blowing my nose because of the tears streaming down my face after reading this honoring tribute to your man. Simply beautiful. Till he comes to take us home, keep on keeping on with that love, and watch untold blessings unfold on you and yours!

  9. Such a lovely post! Hope your day was wonderful!


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